Posted on 15 Nov 2016

Think DIY is daggy?  Think again - thanks to sites like Pinterest and Etsy, homemade gifts are cool again.  With a few basics - and the essential oils you have at home - you can create gifts made with love, your friends and family will love.

Try these great ideas.

1. Lavender Bath salts

These top the list of favourite DIY projects due to their ease, beautiful presentation and ability to suit almost anyone on your Christmas list.

Posted on 10 Nov 2016

Eating well and moving more are the twin pillars of weight loss success.  But it's important not to underestimate the psychological and physiological factors involved.  In what can be an epic daily battle of body versus mind, any advantage - particularly when it comes to brain chemistry and emotions - is valuable in the effort towards a healthier lifestyle.

How essential oils can help

Used for medicinal purposes for over 6,000 years, essential oils are highly concentrated natural compounds derived from the roots, seeds, flowers, fruits and leaves of plants.

Posted on 17 Oct 2016


Craft and DIY is officially cool again - and not just for 6 year olds.  It seems anyone worth their Etsy account is now scrapbooking, glueing and bedazzling their little hearts out.

But what's left after the flurry of creativity is finished?  A big old mess, that's what.  Luckily another of nanna's favourites - now being rediscovered by a new generation - can help out.  Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil

t's naturally the best cleaner, stain buster and sticky-substance remover you'll find anywhere, and for those who spend their time making beautiful things, it can be a suprisingly handy helper.

Try these tips...

Posted on 13 Oct 2016

If you're a fan of essential oils you might have noticed something new in recent years: essential oil "solutions". In eucalyptus, lavender or tea tree, these products are sold where you'd normally find essential oils, but they're likely to be in larger bottles and they're cheaper.  What's the deal?

What is a solution?

A solution is a unique formula of essential oils which dissolves easily in water.   Although not as potent as pure essential oils, they have different advantages. 

Posted on 13 Oct 2016

Essential oils have helped improve wellbeing for centuries - and they're no less relevant to today's busy lifestyles.

Here's a few clever ways you can help your family & home with these wonderful natural essences.

1. Help kids sleep

Kids have busy lives too and find it hard to wind down.  The scent of lavender oil is proven to help relax, calm and soothe - and incorporating a diluted lavender into your child's bedroom routine is a master tip that might just get them (and you) some more zzzz's.

Here's a few ways to go about it:

Posted on 13 Oct 2016

Can't sleep?  You're not the only one - on any given night, 1 in 3 Australians are burning midnight oil they didn't intend to burn. 

There are some wonderful techniques and practical tips out there to help smooth the transition to sleep: but if you're looking for relief in the moment (and don't want to go down the pharmaceutical route) nothing beats the power of herbs and essential oils.

Here are the best traditional remedies for a satisfying snooze.

Posted on 19 Sep 2016

There are two things toddlers and puppies have in common.  One, they're both adorable.  Two, they can be, well - a little untrained, in the toileting area.

But that's okay.  Because you have Bosisto's!  Eucalyptus oil with its anitbacterial, stain removing and deodorising properties is pretty much the perfect companion for any toilet-training household, whether it's an gorgeous new ball of fluff or it's time to graduate to the big boy or girl undies.

So read on, because here is the Ultimate Toilet Training Stain Survival Guide (UTTSSG, not as catchy). 

Posted on 15 Sep 2016

With spring now fully apon us, it's time to bust out your rubber gloves and give your home a good spring clean.

But what about those places that most people forget?  Too hard, tucked away... but still gathering dust bunnies all the same.  Time to put them on your cleaning bucket list!

1. Top of the fridge

It's no-man's land up there, a spot few ever venture (except maybe to stretch on tippy toes and shove random things on top). That makes the top of the fridge a prime spot for hardcore grime.

That greasy black film up there is usually a combination of oily grune from the stove top and caked-on dust.

Posted on 14 Sep 2016

Springtime isn't all happiness and cherry blossoms for some: the 1 in 7 Australians who are hayfever sufferers.   Skin itchiness, sore eyes and nasal congestion can make the simple act of stepping outside an anxiety-inducing prospect.

Short of closing windows and doors and living in a bubble, what's the solution?  Antihistamines might seem like the obvious choice, but some types can have an unwanted drowsy effect - and of course, not everyone wants to take medication.

Instead, try these clever natural solutions to enjoy this beautiful season to its fullest.

Posted on 18 Aug 2016

Paid cleaning is a wonderful short cut to an organised home - if the household budget allows.

But what if your lotto ticket didn't come in?  Take a speed cleaning lesson from the pros.   Paid cleaning services are masters in the art of efficient cleaning.  Watch them as they work - they don't waste time or dawdle, but they get the job done brilliantly at the same time.

Here's how to clean fast and clean right, with tips from the experts.

1. Schedule your cleaning time

Take a tip from the pros and set up a regular weekly cleaning time.  It might be Saturday morning, or every fortnight on a Sunday.   Whatever time you choose, schedule it and clean with intention until you finish, because you won't get it done in fits and starts.