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DIY Cooling peppermint toner

We love peppermint oil.... not only does it smell minty and divine, it's also a wonderful oil for clearing the head and jolting the mind out of its fog.   That makes it a great wake-up oil and a fantastic start to the day.

This versatile toner can be used to freshen the face and tighten the pores in between cleansing and moisturising.  Or, just lightly misted over your face anytime during the day to feel refreshed and awake.

Makes about 1 cup of toner

You'll need:

How to make it:

Add filtered water and apple cider vinegar to a glass spray bottle (or any small glass bottle).

Add peppermint oil. (Tip: start with 20 drops and test your toner before you add more.  The more you add, the stronger the astringent effect.)

Lightly mist your face after cleansing or as needed.  You can also use a cotton ball to apply.

Store in the fridge.