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DIY Eco-friendly Cleaning Wipes

Messes are inevitable when you're a busy household, and even more so if you have kids, pets or grandkids running around. Sometimes only a proper scrub will do - but for all other times, cleaning wipes are a godsend.

If you’ve never used them before (perhaps you’ve been put off by the cost) you’ll be surprised how handy wipes are for small everyday spills.  Plus they’re much more hygienic than damp dishcloths, which not only fail to disinfect surfaces but also add even more germs.

The drawback of course is all the chemicals, and the fact they’re terrible for the environment!   Luckily we’ve found a reusable, less toxic and more earth-friendly way to enjoy this convenience - you might even feel like shining your halo after you’re done with the house.
Homemade Cleaning Wipes
You’ll need:
An empty wipes container
Scrap cloth – old t-shirts or tea towels are ideal, or any other scrap cloth you have
1 cup of water
2 tbsp white vinegar
½ tbsp dishwashing liquid (an unscented ‘eco’ brand preferably)
2 capfuls Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil (see below)
Cut the cloth into squares, judging the size and amount you’ll need by your wipes container (tip: pinking shears can help prevent fraying).   In a baby wipes container the pieces of material can lay stacked flat on top of each other; if you’re using a tubular cleaning wipes container, roll up the stack and stand it inside the container.  Don’t forget to label your container.
Mix the water, vinegar, dish liquid and essential oil in a small bowl and pour the mixture over your wipes.  After using the wipes they can be washed in a normal washing machine cycle and re-used – a great idea is to throw them in an empty ice-cream container until you’re ready to wash them all.
Why we’ve used Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil
Eucalyptus Oil has antibacterial properties, making it a natural choice as a household disinfectant.  
As a bonus it also cuts through greasy, sticky substances very well and has a wonderful crisp bushland scent which helps neutralise tough odours (such as from pet “accidents” or rubbish bins).  Bosisto’s Tea Tree Oil would be another great alternative if you prefer the scent -  it’s also strongly antibacterial and a natural fungicide too, perfect for mouldy areas.