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DIY Thursday: dry hair treatment

You've probably noticed your hair gets drier in winter, but have you ever wondered why?
Amped up indoor heating, low humidity and increased use of hair dryers are just three of the reasons winter’s no friend to your follicles.
Solution?  Hairdressers recommend using a hot oil treatment at least once a fortnight.  As the Moroccan - and then Argan - Oil craze showed us, hair just loves oil.  But here’s a tip you don’t need to share with your stylist:  olive oil works just as well for a fraction of the price!  
Olive oil is a wonderful hair and scalp treatment because it contains vitamins and enzymes that are easily absorbed into the hair shaft and scalp, rejuvenating them from the inside out – Mediterranean women have used it for centuries.  Adding lavender essential oil gives a relaxing aromatherapy experience, plus it has anti-inflammatory properties and stimulates circulation to the scalp. Warming the oils helps them penetrate the hair shaft more effectively.  
Dry Hair Mask
olive oil
 You’ll need:
½ cup olive oil
12-14 drops Bosisto’s Lavender Oil
Warm the olive oil on a stovetop carefully using a very low flame.  Avoid using the microwave as the oil can become too hot.  Once the oil is warm, remove from flame and pour into a bowl.  Add lavender oil and mix.  With your shoulders covered in an old towel, massage carefully into hair concentrating on the ends.  Leave on for half an hour then rinse well with warm water.  Shampoo if desired, and condition if your hair is extra-dry.
More tips for great winter hair
1. Wear a hat.  It keeps your hair covered from the icy winter wind – which sucks moisture from hair - and rain, which means you’ll need to get out your dryer again. (note: beanies are right on trend, ala Cara Delevingne, if you have the right attitude for it!)
2. Keep hair washing to a minimum.  Most of us wash our hair far more than we need to.  It strips the scalp’s natural oils and can exacerbate dry scalp conditions, dandruff and psoriasis.  Dry shampoo can allow you skip a wash or two – rub it in from scalp to 2/3rds of the way down, then add a moisturising hair oil to your ends.
3. Keep trimming regularly.  As hair can get more brittle in winter, it’s more important than ever to get a trim every 6 weeks to keep those split ends in check.
4. Invest in a vaporiser.  They help keep humidity in the air (and in your hair and skin!) during winter’s drying months.  However they use heated, sanitised steam rather than a humidifier’s cool ‘mist’ which can contain bacteria. 
Bosisto’s Lavender Oil is available to buy online.