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DIY Thursday: homemade vapour rub (& more...)

If your household hasn't been struck down with the dreaded lurgy yet this winter, you're one of the lucky ones. More probably, you've been barking like dogs and tripping over a sea of used tissues like the rest of us lately.  If so, here's a couple of handy natural DIY recipes everyone in the family will appreciate.

Why eucalyptus oil for colds?
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Eucalyptus oil is a natural mucolytic, or expectorant – which basically means it helps loosen and clear mucous in the same way as many cough medicines. It is especially useful when inhaled, either in an ointment base that is rubbed on the chest, or when vaporised in water. It's also a natural germ-killer and antibacterial and a wonderfully aromatic way to help ease coughs, congestion and sniffles.

Try these soothing ideas!

Homemade Vapour Rub
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Makes around 1/3 cup.

You'll need:
3 tablespoons of ghee or coconut oil
1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil
1 tablespoon of beeswax
1 teaspoon of Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil
Small glass or aluminium jar with lid – around 60ml

Stand a small glass measuring jug over a pot of hot water on the stove on low heat – a double saucepan with a strainer top is perfect. Gently melt the ghee or coconut oil. Add the beeswax pellets and stir until melted. Remove from heat and allow it to come to room temperature. In the small, 60ml glass jar add the sweet almond oil and eucalyptus oil. When the ghee/ beeswax mixture is cool enough to touch, pour it into the small jar with the almond and eucalyptus oil. Stir to combine. Place in refrigerator until cooled, then store at room temperature.

Rub as needed, every 3-4 hours on the chest or soles of the feet under socks – especially at night.
Suitable for use on children 2+.

*NOTE: most of these ingredients can be found in health or wholefood stores, the health section of larger major supermarkets, or try online. Glass jars can be purchased in bulk on ebay or singly at craft shops like Spotlight.

More Winter Eucy tips...
Cold remedies 1

  • Make a quick version of the vapour rub by mixing equal parts Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil and baby oil – rub on chest or feet as above
  • Create a traditional eucalyptus inhalation by filling a bowl with hot water and adding 1 capful of Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil. Place on a flat surface like a table, and lean with head over the bowl to inhale the vapours. It can help to place a towel over your head to capture the vapours like a "tent". Suitable only under supervision for children.
  • Pop some Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil on a handkerchief to inhale throughout the day.
  • Feeling stuffed up in the morning? Pour some Eucalyptus Oil in your shower block (away from the drain!) for a refreshing eucalyptus wakeup shower!
  • Use Bosisto's Eucalyptus Spray to kill 99.99% of germs and keep your home hygienic, naturally. In winter our homes are a magnet for germs, especially when members of the family have a cold.
  • Spray Bosisto's Eucalyptus Spray around the bedroom when someone is ill – it helps freshen, deodorise and clear the sinuses! It's especially good on mattresses... give them a thorough spray each time you change the sheets.

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