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20 Fabulous Ways to Use Essential Oil Sprays

If you haven't yet discovered the amazing benefits of essential oil sprays, you're missing out.

Oils in an oil burner?  Old school!  If you haven't yet discovered the amazing benefits of essential oil sprays, you're missing out.  What did we do before cooking spray made baking a breeze? 
Not only are essential oils easy to use in a spray format, they’re less messy and can even be more economical, with a quick dose delivered right to the spot you need it.  Plus their freshening and antibacterial properties can help replace many chemical, commercial sprays for a healthier home environment.
Need more inspo?  Here are the top 20 ways you can get a more ‘scents’ational home….
1. Freshening mattresses – mattresses can get musty, mouldy and downright manky, especially after a winter spent lounging around on them.  Get into the habit of airing them outside for a while (if you can) or at least turning them each time you change the sheets, and give them a thorough spray with Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Spray.  Instant freshness!

2. Dust Mites - if allergies and asthma are an issue at your place, Bosisto’s new Dust Mite Spray is just the thing.  Use in place of the eucalyptus spray on mattresses, and spray over couches, carpets and soft furnishings.  It’s all-natural and eucalyptus-based so it won’t harm fabrics – but it will send those dust mites packing.
Dust mite
3. Wheelie big smells – what’s one of the stinkiest places in the back yard?  Out near the big bins of course.  Make that change this spring with a spray of Bosisto’s Tea Tree Spray – its bacteria busting natural powers help kill odours at their source, and keep bins fresher, longer (Tip: once a month, give bins a big wash out with a Eucalyptus or Tea Tree Solution and warm water)
4.…And little smells! The smallest members of the household, babies and pets, can sometimes make the biggest messes.  But you do need to be careful what synthetic fragrances or chemicals you use around their tiny systems.  Bosisto’s Lavender Spray is a natural odour-buster but gentle enough to be used in baby’s nursery, nappy bins, or around pet areas.
Allergy dog
5. Grimy keyboards – dust speckled, coffee splattered, sticky keyboard?  Eucalyptus is the answer.  While the computer is off, spray over keys and wipe clean with a soft cloth (don’t forget to tip your keyboard upside down to get all the crumbs out from inside!)
6. Phone handsets  & remotes – Telephone handsets and TV remotes are some of the most germ-laden items in the home.  Wipe down with Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Spray to kill 99.99% of germs, and whisk off makeup, dirt and smudges from their surfaces.
Euc Spray phone
7. Camping gear – If your camping, fishing, hiking or snow gear only gets a once or twice-a-year showing, it’s a good bet it’s going to be musty, especially if stored in the shed.  Give your tents, equipment, sleeping bags and boots a spray with Bosisto’s Tea Tree Spray before storing – it will help prevent mould growth – and before using, to freshen up and kill germs.
8. Toilets – synthetically fragranced toilet air fresheners are one of the worst chemical culprits you can find.  Leave that ocean breeze scent on the shelf - along with its petrochemicals - and use a pure essential oil spray instead.  Eucalyptus is fantastic for masking those “tough” odours that come with the territory, while lavender is lovely for guest bathrooms.
9. Sick room spray – Family coughing and sneezing… or worse, sick “both ends”? Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Spray has been proven kill 99.99% of those nasty bugs - including e.coli and salmonella - which cause tummy upsets and illness. And if they’ve already hit, it can help disinfect and deodorise any surfaces sickies are using or may have touched.  This includes door knobs, toilets, toys, beds, books and the keypads of electronic devices (check manufacturers’ instructions before using on screens).
Allergy 1
10. Shoe cupboard – giving your shoe wardrobe a spring clean?  Spray inside footwear with Bosisto’s Tea Tree.  It’s a powerful natural antifungal which also helps keep shoes fresh.  
11. Linen cupboard –  Sick of fossicking for that missing pillow case right up the back behind the jumble of tea towels?  Time to get the linen cupboard organised.  After you’ve sorted and folded, give the shelves and linen a spray with Bosisto's Lavender Spray – its long-lasting fragrance is the perfect finishing touch.
12. Sticky anything – chewing gum, craft glue, car rego stickers, jam jar labels, chewing gum in hair, price sticker residue, blu tac, tar on work boots, lolly in carpet, unidentified sticky object (USO) on floor … if it’s gummy, tacky or gluey and leaves a residue, Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Spray will banish it.  How?  Eucalyptus oil is a natural solvent, helping break down and dissolve sticky bonds. Talented, isn’t it?
13. Damp and mold – Areas of damp and mold are common in homes, particularly in spots like cupboards or windowsills behind drapes.  Give mouldy spots a good scrub with water, vinegar and tea tree oil, or a splash of tea tree solution in warm water – and for extra antifungal protection and freshness use Bosisto’s Tea Tree Spray weekly.
14. Fridge & white goods – Fridges and white goods come up brilliantly with a spray of Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Spray and a damp cloth.  It’s particularly good for shiny dishwashers or cupboard surfaces that are just the right height for grubby, sticky, toddler fingerprints.
15. Carpet stains – In many cases, dirty marks on the carpet or furniture can be lifted off with Bosisto's Eucalyptus Spray.  It doesn’t make the fibres “wet” which is perfect for preventing re-soiling and can be walked on straight after.  Always patch test in an inconspicuous area first.
16. Makeup stains – If you’re in the habit of applying makeup over the bathroom sink or vanity and notice it gets a few splatters on it, grab your Eucalyptus Spray and it will wipe off in a flash (same principle as for gummy, gluey things applies).
17. In the car – Eucalyptus is endlessly handy.  Spray it on your bumper bar to clean off marks, to lift upholstery stains, freshen (particularly with pets or those prone to car-sickness!), get rid of stale cigarette odours, clean insect splatters from windscreens and dust and dirt from steering wheels and dash boards.
18. In the laundry – Spray Eucalyptus under the arms of shirts to help deodorise and freshen before washing.  It’s also great as a pre-wash for stains, particularly grease spatters, grass stains and dirt.  
19. In the dryer – Spray an old clean sock with Bosisto’s Lavender Spray and pop it in the dryer with your sheets and towels… mmmm!
20. Overhead ceiling fans & venetian blinds – These can really start to harbour dust and if not cleaned very often, the dust can get sticky, especially mixed with built up cooking grease in kitchen areas.  After removing to a flat area and laying towels underneath, give them a good spray with Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Spray before washing down with warm water and detergent.  
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