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The cheater's guide to ironing

Hands up who hates ironing?  US TOO!

That's why we love it when we find some great ideas that help us cut down on, or avoid it all together.  Here they are.

1. Figure out what really needs ironing and what doesn't.

Remember when your mum used to iron everything - even bed sheets and dad's undies?  Yep, pretty much nobody does that anymore.   Here's what doesn't need ironing (unless you're that way inclined): underwear, things made of cotton knit blends, like leggings and stretchy tops and t-shirts, lycra athletics and gym gear, and most wool knits.  Denim doesn't necessarily need ironing either, except if you're fanatical about a few wrinkles, as most creases will come out during wear, or while folded in the drawer.
For everything else, see below!

2. Just add tennis balls

Adding a tennis ball or two to your dryer can help clothes come out less wrinkled, as it helps the air to circulate more.  While you're at it, don't cram your dryer full - it's a pretty much a recipe for creasing.  3/4 full is the max you want for best air circulation.

3. Hang it up or fold it immediately

Most clothes, warm out of the dryer or even off the clothes line, will iron themselves if they're folded or hung straight away.  It's when they sit crunched up in the washing basket that wrinkles become deeper and make ironing a necessity.  It may seem like a pain putting them away immediately but think of the time you'll save ironing.

4. Throw it back in the dryer

Put the item back in the dryer with a wet facecloth.  10 minutes should be sufficient to come out wrinkle free.  Or, you could try hanging the item up while you have a shower, letting the steam in the bathroom help 'iron' it out.

5. Spray, don't iron!

Here's a clever hack for those of us who only have the odd item they need to iron from time to time.  Take that shirt or dress or skirt and hang it up from a beam or the back of a door.  Mix up a spray bottle with hot water - as hot as you can out of the tap.  Spray the item each side until it's thoroughly coated in water spray.  Then leave to dry.  Most wrinkles will come out overnight.  

Even if you do need to bring out the iron, an ironing spray will make the whole job a lot easier, meaning you only need to go over creases once, not ten times.  Try this one for a wonderfully aromatic experience that will almost make you forget you are doing a dastardly chore:

Bosisto's Beautiful Ironing Spray

mix: 1 cup white vinegar with 1 cup water and 1.5 teaspoons Bosisto's Lavender Oil.   Spritz on items as you iron and watch the wrinkles disappear!