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Stains - the most common ones, and how to fix them.

We’ve all experienced the horror… that slow-motion moment the chocolate cake slips from the plate and icing goes down your white shirt, or the moment you discover your toddler ‘decorating’ the couch with your orange lipstick.

Stains are an inevitable part of life but if you know the right thing to do – and do it straight away – you can spare a lot of cost and stress.

Here’s some of the most common stains and how best to treat them.


To get coffee out of carpets, simply sponge up with cold water or paper towel.  A gentle carpet shampoo with a dash of eucalyptus oil works wonders too.


Act quickly!  Try soda water (or plain cold water if you haven’t any) to get wine out of fabric fibres.   Alternatively a paste of borax and baking powder, mixed with a little water helps lift stubborn stains.

Pet urine

Blot immediately with paper towels, then use plain soda water or vinegar and water to wash the remainder away.  A eucalyptus oil spray also works well for residual odour and deters pets from soiling the area again.


Cold water, or use a paste of flour and water to scrub blood stains.

Strawberry stains

This is a surprising one!  “Flush” the stain out by running hot (or boiling) water through the fabric – works every time and saves many a child’s t-shirt from the bin.

Pasta sauce

Bolegnaise is a killer.  Blot, don’t rub the stain use a good pre-wash, and soak overnight before laundering.  Surprisingly, the sun is your best ally with tomato-based stains… UV light will fade the stain so it should look better after drying on the line!

Dirt, oil and perspiration

Everyday ground-in dirt stains and perspiration under shirt armpits are the most common laundry stains.   Spray the stain with Bosisto's Eucalyptus Spray or a eucalyptus-based stain remover like this – eucalyptus is terrific on dirt and sweat, as well as any oily stains such as cooking oil, makeup and lipstick.