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Do Mozzies love you? This could be why.

We’ve all been there - you come inside after a backyard party to find your legs and arms riddled with itchy, red welts.  And yet your friend or partner, who was sitting right beside you, escaped scot free. 

It’s not your imagination; scientists have proven mosquitos do prefer to bite some people more than others - and surprisingly, it runs in the family, as 85% of it is down to genetics.  

You might also be more attractive to mozzies if you are:
  • Larger - mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide, and bigger people exhale more of it.  This is why adults tend to get bitten more than children.
  • Pregnant – Studies have shown mums-to-be get bitten about twice as often as women who aren’t pregnant.
  • Wearing dark colours – mozzies are highly visual and attracted to darker colours like black and red.
  • Drinking beer – just one beer can make you more attractive to insects, a study found.
  • Exercising – Heat and movement also attract, as does lactic acid, which is produced when we sweat and the extra carbon dioxide we breathe out (so running away won’t help you!)
  • Have stinky feet – Smelly feet emit a chemical mosquitoes love.
  • Are blood type O - Mozzies’ favourite blood type, followed by B.
If you’re one of the unlucky ones (or you’re a pregnant, exercising woman wearing black), and you’re not a fan of smelly chemical repellents there are natural alternatives.  Mix a DIY solution using 50mL canola oil, 2mL citronella and 2mL eucalyptus oil – combine all ingredients in a bottle and shake well.  Apply every 2-3 hours.
This is a fantastic saviour at summer barbecues, and gentle enough to be used on children.  Been bitten already?  A dab (or Spray) of eucalyptus, tea tree or lavender oil on the bite will help ease the itch in a jiffy.  
And make sure you try to eliminate pools of still water around the yard, including bird baths and those hollows inside children’s plastic toys… it’s where mozzies breed.