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Gold Found in Eucalyptus Leaves

Here at Bosisto’s we’ve always known they’re something special - but Eucalypt trees might now literally be a national treasure, with Perth scientists discovering gold particles in the leaves twigs and bark of eucalypts recently.

CSRIO researchers believe the trees, sitting on top of gold deposits buried deep underground, suck up the gold in their search for moisture during times of drought.

Hailed as a “eureka moment”, the discovery could revolutionise gold mining, making exploration cheaper, quicker and safer.

Eucalypt trees are renowned for surviving harsh conditions such as drought, with the ability to source water from a remarkable depth in the soil – as much as 30 meters or the equivalent of a 10-storey building.

This ability, and their high salt tolerance, is one of the reasons eucalypts can help fight high levels of salinity in farming soils. 

Did you know Bosisto’s is aiming to plant 1 million Blue Mallee eucalypts in 2014, to help local farms and support the environment? It's part of an exciting ongoing initiative which has seen a million trees planted every year since the project began.  To learn more about Bosisto’s 1 Million Trees project visit www.fgb.com.au/giftatree.

(You can also gift a tree to a friend or loved one for free, and we'll email them a special educational pack with photos of 'their' tree enclosed.... a great last minute Christmas idea!)

To find out more about gold in eucalypt leaves visit: http://www.csiro.au/Portals/Media/Gilding-the-gum-tree-scientists-strike-gold-in-leaves.aspx