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Children's Bedrooms

Children are wonderful creatures, but they can be amazingly messy and grubby too!

The challenge is finding a cleaning product or deodoriser
which is safe to use around sensitive developing immune systems, especially if you have children with asthma
or allergies.

Bosisto's Sprays are perfect for keeping your child's environment clean, fresh and germ-free, with no nasty chemicals!

Top Tips

Use Bosisto's Eucalyptus Spray to:
- Kill germs and deodorise
- Freshen mattresses
- Sanitise toys and hand-me-down books
- Clean high-chairs and play furniture
- Remove sticker residue, texta and pen marks
- Wipe off sticky fingerprints!

Use Bosisto's Lavender Spray to:
- Help children relax and drift off to sleep
- Kill germs and deodorise nappy bins
- Kill germs on change tables
- Freshen the nursery or bedroom
- Spray in children's clothes drawers or on sheets

Use Bosisto's Tea Tree Spray to:
- Freshen sports or ballet bags
- Kill germs and bacteria in shoes
- Spray toes after swimming lessons to help prevent tinea
- Spray any mouldy or musty areas of the bedroom
- Help prevent head lice - spray in caps