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Bosisto's Lavender Oil & Spray Testimonials

I use Bosisto's Lavender Spray to create a beautiful natural aroma for my Little Tacker.
All ingredients are calming and aid sleep; they help overstimulated or overtired children
to 'switch off'. Just a few sprays into the room at bedtime, or on bed linen or bedtime toys
and you'll all get sweet dreams!
Ryan, VIC


I use Bosisto's Lavender Oil in many ways... on my dog's beds, in water to spray on clothes when ironing them, with eucalyptus and metholated spirits to deodorise and sanitise carpets and mats. I also use the Oil in a burner, in the bath and rub on my temples for headaches.
Susan, ACT


I sometimes put a little Bosisto's Lavender Oil in the final rinse of the washing machine cycle for freshening sheets and towels. I also like to use a little on  my pillow to help with sleep and occasionally I'll put a small amount onto the light bulb of my bedside lamp so the heat lets the Lavender vaporise around the room.
Jessica, NSW


I use (Bosisto's Lavender Oil) for cold sores, spraying on our sheets after washing, headaches, massage, insect bites, abrasions, adding to the bath for relaxation, I also use it an atomiser or rub onto the skin for a lovely fragrance. I make my own soy candles and use lavender oil to fragrance the candles and I also add it to hand and body lotions.
Mary, VIC


I use Bosisto's Lavender Oil to massage my 15 month old baby. It's the only time he stops...
it's a beautiful moment!
Janna, SA


I'm working on VCE Performance exams at the moment, so can get  a bit stressed. I like to spray (Bosisto's Lavender Spray) in my bedroom and sometimes put a drop on my pillow. As well as being relaxing,it strongly reminds me of my childhood and all the happy memories of those years.
Brenda, VIC


I use Bosisto's Lavender Oil everyday as a perfume. I work with small children and receive lots of hugs, so it must have a positive effect on them!
Sandra, NSW


Being six months pregnant I was finding it hard to get to sleep. I have found using Bosisto's Lavender Oil on my pillow helps me get a calmer night's sleep. I also hope it will be a smell that the baby will recognise and love so I can use it in the baby's room to help with relaxation.


As someone who 'dabbles' considerably in aromatherapy and never travels without my essential oil 'first aid kit' my eyes lit up when I saw that Bosisto's Lavender Oil was available in a convenient spray. Applying essential oil via a spray can is great for controlled application, and it also adds to the ways that it can be used.
Claire, SA


Bosisto's Lavender Spray Testimonials

What Mums are Saying (www.kidspot.co.nz)


I am in LOVE with Bosisto's Lavender Spray. It smells divine and the wonderful thing is that you only need the smallest spray of it to have an impact on the freshness of the room. I don't know if it's just in my mind, but after spraying throughout the house a small amount, I felt quite calm and relaxed. I've been reading about all the uses for it on the can and it seems to do just about everything! I really like that it's 100% natural which makes a huge difference to me with kids that suffer from allergies. I am going to enjoy using this spray and think it's going to be a permanent in this household.


Found a new use (not listed on the can) a few nights ago - it's a monster repellent and if there were to be any so called monsters in the wardrobe they would definitely not come out if we spray this around room, it's worked wonders.


After spraying Bosisto's Lavender Spray on my curtains and in my wardrobe the other day, I can still smell the nice fragrance days later. I have boosted it a few times and it smells soooooooooo nice each time. It's about time someone made a product that doesn't smell fake! I'm really impressed. I even used it in the baby's bed and it was so relaxing. In the car works so WELL too!


Bosisto's Lavender Spray is such a great and convenient spray. I have mainly sprayed in bedrooms to freshen them up with a wonderful side effect being a better night's sleep! My kids three and five love the smell and ask for the special spray in their rooms at night time. A tiny spray is all that is needed as it is quite strong so I expect a can would last a long time.


I was delighted to receive Bosisto's Lavender Spray which I absolutely love! I use it all the time, in my child's nappy bin, before my son goes to sleep, to keep the house smelling fresh. It really smells great, just a lovely pure lavender smell, and as it's an antiseptic, it was suggested by my sister's midwife that she spray it on her c-section scar!


I have now tried Bosisto's Lavender Spray to help at bedtimes when the kids are a bit overtired or excited and it has seemed to help! So much so that my eldest daughter said one night when I hadn't sprayed her room or pillow - 'mum you have to use that spray or I won't be able to sleep!


I am so impressed with Bosisto's Lavender Spray! I really love it as a room freshener and deodoriser, it's much nicer than the artificial scents of most room sprays, and I believe healthier too. I'm spraying it in the bathroom when the kids are in the bath and in kids rooms at night and although it's hard to judge I do think it calms them a bit.


Bosisto's Lavender Spray is great as an antiseptic, took it camping and kids got bitten by bugs, used it on kids right away and walla!!! It soothed the pain and cleared up the bites in a few days. Love this product!


I bought some of the Bosisto's Lavender Spray over the Christmas holidays to use while camping and I'm so impressed with it! Really enjoyed it and definitely helped with mossies in the kids tents at night and they slept really well. Lovely product!


I must say that after using Bosisto's Lavender Spray, I find the other common brands fragrance pretty artificial even though they are 'lavender' fragrance too... Bosisto's has no lingering chemical smell, which is good for the family.


I am throwing out my Glade spray, throwing out my air freshening stuff, and I am going to buy another can of Bosisto's Lavender Spray because this stuff is brilliant! This Bosisto's product is going to join my tea tree oil, and my rose water as my favourite item for the house EVER!


I have to say WOW! Bosisto's Lavender Spray going to be a staple product in my house from
now on. I'm very excited about this product and I've already recommended it to anyone who'll
listen to me!


I love Bosisto's Lavender Spray. It is hard to find a spray that I don't feel sick with (being pregnant), I am sold and when baby number two arrives early next year, I will definitely have this in the nursery. Love it, love it, love it!


First I sprayed Bosisto's Lavender in my kids' room and they slept all night.  As it worked well on my kids I sprayed it in my room and waited for my husband to complain.  He has never mentioned it and has remarked how well he is sleeping – a very successful blind trial. I will always make sure this product is in our bathroom cupboard!


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