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Bosisto's Tea Tree Testimonials

I always keep a bottle of Bosisto's Tea Tree Oil in the glove box, for those nasty insect bites
when we are out enjoying our beautiful country on weekends with family.
Would not leave home without it!
Gail, SA


Trekking the Kokoda Trail recently I needed a product to help combat foot problems – foot rot and blisters are very common. I used Bosisto's Tea Tree Oil every night and was one of the very few who did not have any problems with their feet at all (not even a blister)! Some others had opposition brands and when I  pointed out their product was diluted they said they didn't know this. The trek leader agreed with me and said that they should have bought Bosisto's. It is
interesting to note that even though they continued using these products,  they could not clear up their foot problems.
Ross, VIC


I have just come back from working in very basic conditions in a Chinese ceramic studio where covered foot wear was mandatory. 35-400C and very humid. I sprayed my feet everyday when wearing socks or not except for one day when I could smell the odour of my own feet all day. It is amazing how Bosisto's Tea tree spray and a small bottle of Eucalyptus Oil, can be used in so many preventative and health enhancing ways. I am a fan!


I found Bosisto's Tea Tree Oil great for when my little girl was toilet training and she would have a small accident on the kitchen floor ... I could just use the Spray or Oil  and wipe it clean knowing it would be disinfected immediately, I love it!
Annette, WA


We use the Bosisto's Tea Tree Spray for our little girl's nappy change table. It's great; no nasty chemicals and does an even better job at 'disinfecting' the nappy change area than most major brands of sprays. We love it!
Lisa, QLD


I have two dogs and I regularly spray their kennel and bedding (with Bosisto's Tea Tree Spray) to keep it clean and fresh and keep bugs away.
Lynette, QLD


Bosisto's Tea Tree Oil is fantastic to put in the children's bath water especially after they play outside and get a few scratches. Great natural antiseptic!
Susan, SA


Bosisto's Tea Tree Oil is antifungal and antibacterial... It's great for itches, bites and stings; it's fresh and clean...protects you, me and the whole family.
Ann, VIC


I put (Bosisto's Tea Tree Oil) into the vacuum, in the washing and bins to eliminate germs and bad smells!
Jennifer, VIC


My top tip for Bosisto's Tea Tree Oil would have to be as an antiseptic for annoying pimples and blackheads. I put it on few times and they are gone.  Absolutely brilliant, thank you!!
Danijela, VIC


Underarm smells...No deodorant? Simply use Bosisto's Tea Tree Spray.  Works a charm without chemicals.
Kathy, QLD


When I was walking 100 kilometres as a part of the Oxfam Trailwalker, Bosisto's Tea Tree Spray really helped keep my feet cool and refreshed. It was a great relief to spray my feet and shoes with Bosisto's, and definitely helped me keep going the distance.
Rachel, VIC


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