Grey Water

'Grey water' is the term given to waste water generated from domestic activities such as laundry, dishwashing and bathing. Grey water can be recycled for use on the garden.

It is estimated that using grey water instead of precious drinking water for outdoor purposes could save each household up to 50,000 litres each year.

If you have a grey water tank or septic system you'll know that it's important to be careful with the products you use to ensure this water does not become 'toxic' to garden soil and plants.

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Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil is suitable for use in household activities which create grey water and will not affect plants in the small quantities used.

All of the products in the Bosisto's laundry range are 100% biodegradable, grey water and garden friendly. They contain:

  • No fillers (which can clog soils)

  • No or low phosphates

  • Low sodium

  • No synthetic perfumes, dyes, bleaches or abrasives

  • pH neutral

  • Contain no harmful chemicals


Deterring Slugs & Snails

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If aphids, white flies, mites, earwigs, slugs, snails or slaters are attacking your garden, we have a natural solution for you!

This home-made Garden Spray is very popular with home gardeners and is an effective way to control pests, naturally. Mix your own Garden Spray using the following recipe:

Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil 5mL
Canola Oil  20mL
Dishwashing detergent (any good brand)   2mL
Water    1 Litre   

Mix thoroughly and store in a trigger spray container (available in hardware and gardening stores and some supermarkets). Spray any affected areas thoroughly when insects first appear. Apply two sprays 3-5 days apart and repeat as often as required.

If you have a particularly bad insect problem, double the concentration. This spray can be used on roses, azaleas, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and other common garden crops.

Note: do not store made up spray and thoroughly wash sprayer after each use.


Garden Tools

To eliminate bacteria that can create cross-contamination in soil, wash all garden tools in hot water with two teaspoons of Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil.


Re-potting & Killing Bacteria

To recycle plant pots and remove any residual bacteria, wash them in hot soapy water with a teaspoonful of Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil.

Rinse pot thoroughly with clean water before use.


Cleaning Barbecues

Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil is also excellent for cleaning greasy barbecues – just use a solution of hot soapy water mixed with two teaspoons of Oil and wash with a brush or scourer.  Rinse thoroughly before using again. Alternatively use Bosisto's Eucalyptus Solution with a non abrasive cloth.