Freshen & Deodorise

 Whether you have a tradesman in the house, grubby toddlers, sports mad kids or babies in nappies, there are always inevitable loads of laundry which need extra attention.

Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil's grime-busting and deodorising powers can help cut through even the toughest of odours and leave your wash smelling fresh, clean and fragrant.

Top Tips
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Add two capfuls of Oil in the wash for:
- Work clothes and overalls
- Sports gear
- Socks
- Cloth nappies
- Towels and linen
- Any items that need a little extra freshening!

You can also use Bosisto's Eucalyptus Solution, a special water-soluble formula which is terrific for laundry freshening.


Stain Remover

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Bosisto's Eucalyptus Spray is a terrific pre-wash for general wear spots and stains on clothes, particularly:

  • Grease marks

  • Oil stains

  • Grass stains

  • Perspiration stains

Spray the stain and rub towards the centre of the mark to prevent the formation of a ring.



Eucalyptus oil is famous for its ability to leave woollens soft, fresh and fluffy.

Woollen blankets, jumpers and rugs will benefit from Bosisto's Wool Wash (particularly if washing for storage over summer). Or, if you'd prefer to mix your own wool wash, try our Famous Wool Wash Recipe:

Pure Soap Flakes                       ½ packet (300g)
Methylated Spirits                       250mL
Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil             50mL

Mix methylated spirits with soap flakes. Add the Oil and stir. Store in a wide necked screw capped jar. Use one tablespoon of mixture per garment. Dissolve in a small quantity of hot water then pour into lukewarm wash water. 

Hand or machine wash on wool / delicates cycle. No need to rinse unless white garments are being stored for a long period – rinsing reduces the risk of yellowing. 

Squeeze and roll in towel to remove excess water. Lie flat to keep garments in shape while drying out of direct sunlight.

Washing woollens in this way before storage also helps reduce the risk of moths and silverfish.


When laundering undergarments, soft fabrics, baby clothes and other delicate items, both a gentle wash cycle and a gentle detergent are required - Bosisto's EucoFresh Wool Wash has been specially formulated for washing delicate garments.

For added indulgence try spraying some Bosisto's Lavender Spray in your lingerie drawer… it leaves a luxurious, fragrant aroma!

Towels & Linen

Clean, freshen and deodorise towels and linen by adding two capfuls of Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil to each washing load.

Towels will emerge fresh, fluffy, clean and scented like the Australian bush. Perfect for a sweet-smelling linen cupboard – lovely for guests and family alike.