Bosisto's Cough & Cold Bundle (COU2)

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Bundle includes: 

2 x Sugar Free Eucalyptus Drops 50g
1 x Natural Cough Syrup 200mL
1 x EucoSteam Inhaler Combo
1 x Eucalyptus Nasal Spray 50mL

Bosisto's Natural Cough Syrup 200mL
  • Natural relief for an irritating cough and sore throat
  • Great for the whole family, from ages 2+
  • With soothing powers of honey, plus lemon & eucalyptus
  • Non-drowsy, no artificial colours or preservatives
Bosisto's EucoSteam Inhaler Combo
  • Steam therapy made easy
  • Lightweight & travel-friendly - much more convenient than a bowl and towel
  • Helps clear stuffy nose & congestion naturally
  • Great for singers, actors, public speakers
  • Includes bonus inhalant
  • Simply fill with hot water and breathe in steam vapours through special mouthpiece
  • No mess, ergonomic container helps avoid spills.
  • Easy to take wherever you go – office, sports game, public speaking or travel.
  • Hygienic and reusable
Bosisto's Sugar Free Eucalyptus Drops 50g
  • Soothes your sore throat on-the-go
  • Medicated lozenges – not lollies
  • Delicious flavour of eucalyptus, honey & lemon
  • Sugar-free & no artificial additives
  • Individually foil-sealed for freshness

Some lozenges advertised for ‘sore throats’ or ‘dry itchy throats’ contain no medicated ingredients at all and are not much different to hard boiled lollies.  Here’s how can you tell the difference: a therapeutic lozenge will feature an “AUST L” or “AUST R” number on the packet, meaning it is listed on the Australian Therapeutic Goods Register (ARTG).  Confectionery items are regarded as foods, not medicines, so don’t require a number.

Bosisto's Eucalyptus Nasal Spray 50mL
  • Natural relief of nasal congestion and hayfever
  • Saline with a hint of eucalyptus
  • Use anytime, often as required
  • Suitable for children aged 2+
  • Thins mucous to clear sinuses blocked due to colds & flu
  • Relieves nasal irritation from dust, pollen & tobacco smoke
  • Preserves optimum moisture balance for better nasal health

Unlike medicated decongestant sprays, saline based sprays may be used freely and won’t cause ‘rebound’ congestion after days of repeated use.   They moisturise sore inflamed sinus passages, removes excess mucous and helps flush away invading pollens and viruses.  Most saline sprays are safe to use for children from infancy – but check with your pharmacist.

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