Dust Mite Wash

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Regular monthly use of Dust Mite Wash helps minimise allergic reactions associated with the presence of dust mites and their allergens. Dust Mite Wash is to be used as part of a program to reduce the presence of dust mites and their allergens. Not to be used for any purpose or in any manner contrary to this label unless authorised.
  • Kills dust mites in bedding: a major trigger of asthma, eczema and allergies
  • Can be safely used for blankets, woollens, bedding and most fabrics
  • Fresh fragrance of natural Eucalyptus
  • No chemical pesticides
  • Australian made & owned
This formula is based on Australian research which found eucalyptus oil, in specific concentrations, can kill 99% of dust mites and remove their allergens from fabrics - even in cold water.
Directions for use

To kill dust mites and remove allergens in woollen blankets, use at a rate of 25mL per 10L of water. 

For best results use monthly. 


Machine washing (Top Loader ONLY): 

1. Place items in top loader washing machine* 

2. Fill the machine with warm water (30°C); stop machine. 

3. To every 40 litres of warm water add 110mL of Bosisto's Eucalyptus Dust Mite Wash (110mL is enough for one double blanket) 

4. Agitate bedding for one minute, ensuring items are fully covered in the mixture. 

5. Allow to soak for 1 hour. 

6. Wash on appropriate cycle. No extra detergent is needed. Repeat monthly. 


*Alternatively, you can soak in a trough or bathtub then launder. Use 25mL of Bosisto's Dust Mite Wash per 10 litres of warm water. 


POISON - Keep out of reach of children. Read safety directions before opening or using.

Active Constituent: 790g/L Eucalyptus Oil

Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Will damage the eyes, will irritate the skin. If product in eyes wash out immediately with water. Wash hands after use. 


If poisoning occurs contact a doctor, hospital or Poisons Information Centre (131 126). If swallowed do NOT induce vomiting. Give a glass of water. Emergency Contact Ph. 1800 655 841. Material Safety Data Sheet available on request. 


Store below 30°C. 

APVMA Approval No: 51585/0300

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