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Bosisto's Sensitive Laundry Powder

  • Clean and freshen with the natural solvent & antibacterial powers of eucalyptus oil
  • No fillers - won’t clog your clothes or machine
  • Eco & grey water friendly
  • Proven kind to sensitive skin

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What does it do?
  • Cleans and brightens with the natural freshening and antibacterial power of Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil.
  • Free of cheap “fillers” or bulking agents – a true concentrate which totally dissolves in the wash, leaving no tiny particles in clothes to irritate skin (see our fillers test against the big brands here)
  • Tough on stains: with special emulsifiers and surface tension agents to shift tough dirt and grime.
  • Gentle on the environment: no palm oil, no sodium laurel sulphate, low sodium and phosphate, no bleaches, synthetic fragrances or dyes.
  • Garden safe: use wash water in grey water systems
  • Allergy friendly and kind to sensitive skin (see interesting info for more)
  • Low foam, suitable for top or front loaders
  • Suitable for cloth nappies & newborn baby clothes
  • Cruelty-free ingredients and not tested on animals
  • Great value: 33 washes per box
  • Australian made & owned
Interesting info

Did you know Bosisto’s laundry products* have undergone sensitive skin testing and are proven kind to sensitive skin?

About the test

The ‘Repeat Insult Patch Test’ involved 50 human volunteers who applied patches containing the products directly to the skin, which were then worn for 24 hours before being removed.  Products were each tested in this way on every panellist a total of 9 times.  Subjects were then given a 10-14 day rest period after which a challenge, or re-test dose was applied to a different area.  Reaction to each exposure was scored 24 and 48 hours after exposure.

Our Results
Bosisto’s laundry products caused no skin irritation at all in any of the participants, including 29 subjects who self-described as having ‘sensitive skin’.

The conclusion was that “the test materials (Bosisto’s laundry products)… may be considered as NON-IRRITATING and NON-SENSITIZERS to the skin”

How is it so gentle?
Bosisto’s laundry powder contains no perfumes, artificial colourings or dyes which may irritate skin, plus it is totally free of fillers – bulking agents that can become trapped in clothing fibres and may irritate the skin.  For more on fillers in laundry powders and how to do your own easy at-home check if they’re in yours, click here.

* The products involved in the test were: Bosisto’s Laundry Powder, Bosisto’s Allergen Laundry Liquid, Bosisto’s Wool Wash and Bosisto’s Pre-Wash Stain Remover.

Cantor Laboratories, September 2013

How to use

Top or Front loaders:

Use one scoop per full wash load.  Wash on desired wash cycle in hot OR cold water. 

Soaking:  for difficult stains, soak for several hours in a bucket of water and 1 scoop of powder, dissolved, or use Bosisto’s Pre-Wash.


Concentrated laundry powder with Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil.

100% recycled cardboard carton, plus fully recyclable and re-usable scoop.  Inner pouch is 100% recyclable PET.


For best results, read and follow garment care instructions, use the recommended dose, wash non-colourfast clothes separately and avoid overloading the machine. 

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