4 Easy Ways to Refresh your Bathroom

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Bathrooms really don’t get enough love – especially considering the amount of time we spend in them!  If yours has become a bit of a utility room where you hand wash and leave, you’re missing an opportunity.

A few small, inexpensive hacks can transform this often-visited room of the
house into a sensorial sanctuary you’ll never want to leave.

Try some of these and watch your bathroom go from ‘blah’ to ‘Spa’.

1. Add an aromatherapy diffuser

Never thought of using a diffuser in the bathroom? Oh sweet summer child,
what a treat you have in store!

While aromatherapy diffusers are traditionally used in living spaces and
bedrooms, when you think about it, they’re absolutely made for bathrooms.

Pop your favourite diffuser oil on while you have your morning shower and get ready for the day – we love an energizing blend like our ‘Purify’ with Eucalyptus, Lime and Siberian Fir.

Or try a soothing, calming aroma while you’re doing your nightly skincare
routine: something like our Harmony blend, or our classic Australian Natives
Sleep essential oil.

A diffuser in the bathroom is a gorgeous and unexpected touch when guests are over. And it goes without saying, if your toilet is in your bathroom… it also doubles as an effective, long-lasting (and more natural) air freshener.

2. Upgrade your hand & body wash

Here's an inexpensive way to give your bathroom that “Luxe” feel without much
effort at all: choose a beautiful range of hand and body wash which look as good
on your vanity as they feel on your skin.

Our Australian Natives range of natural hand wash and body wash ticks all the
boxes. It’s enriched with gorgeous Native botanical extracts like Kakadu Plum,
Rosella Flower, Finger Lime and Davidson’s Plum, plus essential oils.

It's Australian made & owned and leaves out all the nasties you don’t want in a
natural hand wash, like SLS, palm oil and artificial fragrances.

Did we mention how good they look, too? This will be one swap you’ll wish you
made earlier.

3. Go green

A plant in your bathroom? Why not! Here’s another quick upgrade that really
takes your bathroom to the next level.

If you don’t have a handy shelf space to sit a plant, hanging plants are a good
option – or you can install inexpensive floating shelves (easily found at Kmart or
online), or use a standing shelf unit if there’s space next to your toilet or in a

When choosing a bathroom plant, go for species which will happily thrive in
humid environments, and don’t need a lot of light or fresh air.

These include:
- English Ivy
- Any kind of fern
- Bromelaids (these look like the top of a pineapple)
- Orchids
- Peace Lily
- Mother in Law’s tounge

Apart from looking beautiful, plants will also help purify the air in your bathroom
– win win.

4. That finishing touch

Nothing beats matching towels and bathmats – if yours have seen better days,
go on… treat yourself. Never underestimate a pop of trending colour to totally
transform a room!

Finally we love using essential oils in the bathroom: when changing the toilet roll,
add 2-3 drops of essential oil inside the cardboard roll. It will permeate the
cardboard slowly releasing scent. Lavender essential oil is a favourite choice for

When changing your bin liner, pop a cotton bud with a few drops of essential oil
in the base. It’s another clever way to keep odours at bay - and keep your
bathroom rocking that day spa vibe.