8 cleaning hacks you'll love

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Why do it the long way around when there's clever shortcuts? And best of all, they don't involve chemicals? Here's our favourite fast-and-clever cleaning tips...


1. Freshen the dishwasher with a lemon

Forget fancy cleaning tablets - running your dishwasher on a hot cycle without dishes in it does 90% of the cleaning all by itself. To help cut grease and make it smell even fresher, skewer a half a lemon inside. For an extra anti-fungal, antibacterial boost sprinkle in a few drops of tea tree oil, too. And don't forget to frequently clean your filters.

 Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

2. And use the other half a lemon to...

Polish your stainless steel taps and sink drains - best of all, it leaves them citrus-scented!


3. Mop your ceilings

Got spiderwebs? Grab a microfibre floor mop and clean away the cobwebs. It's also great for drying those areas of condensation above the shower to help prevent mould. Simple genius.


4. ... and your shower walls

That same microfibre mop is great for shower tile walls too. Spray first with a natural cleaning spray like this, wet your mop with a little water and mop away. You don't even have to stand inside the shower (with the tap dripping down your back) and can get a large area done really quickly. How much better is that?


5. Double up your microwave clean

Clean your sponges AND your microwave at the same time. Pop your wet sponges in there and zap for 2 minutes - when they come out (remove with tongs - hot!) they'll be santised, and as a bonus, the wet heat will loosen the muck in your microwave, making it super easy to wipe away.


6. Remember: oil removes grime

Sounds bizarre but it's true - just like cleansing oils get makeup off your face, oils can help break down oils for easier cleaning. Try a little vegetable oil on a paper towel to remove nasty buildup from your stove top. Or try some eucalyptus oil or spray on your greasy rangehood, sticky venetian blinds or grimy, dusty ceiling fan blades.

Eucalyptus oil or solution is also great for cleaning greasy barbecues, outdoor camping equipment, fishing gear, tools and garden furniture.

Always read the label and follow the directions for use (eucalyptus oil).

7. Clean your air con vents with a butter knife

Take a cleaning cloth soaked in your cleaning solution of choice (we love Eucalyptus Solution or our Multipurpose Spray), and wrap it around a butter knife. Voila - instant vent cleaning tool!


8. Scrub your shower with a dish wand

Grab a dishwashing wand with a scrubbing end, and fill it with half white vinegar, half eco-friendly dishwashing liquid and a few drops of eucalyptus oil. Use to scrub your shower (while you're in it saves even more time!)

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