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Aromatherapy by the Stars... which Essential oil blend suits your zodiac sign?

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Aromatherapy is a very individual thing… we all have scents we adore and are really drawn to, and others we’re not.

Whether you’re a straightforward Sagittarian, a beauty-loving Libra or a careful Capricorn, your star sign can say a lot about you and your preferences for scent is just one of them. Read on below to pick the perfect aromatherapy blend for you!


You’re a natural born leader (and organiser); bold, honest and assertive. But you do put a lot of pressure on yourself, don’t you? Try to relax a bit - aromatherapy can help! Try a long, warm shower before bed using a Body Wash with soothing essential oils, then diffuse a Sleep blend before bed to help your mind switch off.

Perfect for you: Bosisto’s Banksia, Nerolina & Lavender Body Wash, and Bosisto’s Australian Native Sleep Blend.


You’re all about the good life. You have quality tastes and not opposed to the odd indulgence or two - life’s too short right? Sweet blends that remind you of your favourite treats will probably appeal, but you also need to look after your health so make sure you have a good clearing blend for when you’re run down.

Perfect for you: Sweet Life Berry Ripe – think, chocolate covered strawberries, mmmmmm! And Bosisto’s Australian Native Breathe, a clearing blend including blue mallee eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint & wintergreen.


Most sociable star sign award goes to…. Gemini! You loooooove entertaining, and talking, and just being around people in general. At some point you’ll inevitably have guests around and so having a few amazing oil blends on hand to diffuse as a talking point (not that you need one!) just makes sense, right?

Perfect for you: Sweet Life blend Passion Punch is perfect for that ‘cocktails with the girls’ feel, or Caramel Latte for an afternoon coffee and goss catchup.


You love nothing more than being at home! After a busy day you’re dying to race home to your safe & secure sanctuary with your loved ones and all the things that bring you comfort. You love a clean home, and love filling it with beautiful scents, too – especially right after you’ve been on a cleaning spree.

Perfect for you: If you’re too tired to bake, pop your Oodie on, relax and diffuse Bosisto’s Sweet Life Sugar & Spice Essential oil blend - it will fill your home with the delicious scent of sweet, spicy apple pie without you having to lift a finger!


Confident, charismatic Leos really don’t mind being the centre of attention. People are drawn to your strong personality but while you’re an extrovert, you’re caring too and will always have time to listen to your besties and give genuine advice.

Perfect for you: A catchup over coffee is often your go-to, so you’ll love the vibe of Bosisto’s Sweet Life Caramel Latte blend. Or reminisce about your last winery tour while diffusing the Barossa blend in Bosisto’s Destinations range.


Logical, practical and systematic, you’re definitely a perfectionist. When there’s an area of life that needs improving, just call a Virgo as they’re the one for the job! The idea of creating a peaceful, calm sanctuary appeals to your ordered mind; you never met a storage solution you didn’t like!

Perfect for you: A beautiful diffuser (like one of these) is the perfect centrepiece in your organised home. Try diffusing Bosisto’s Purify Blend for that fresh, simple and clean feel you love.


Librans are lovers of beauty; charming, friendly, and the zodiac’s peacemakers. Balance is at the heart of everything a Libran stands for – you won’t be found overindulging too many late nights or rich food before you pull yourself back. You’re also a wonderful, gracious host.

Perfect for you: You’ll also most likely enjoy Harmony in Bosisto’s Air Care range – with its soothing blend of Sweet Orange, May Chang & Lemon, it’s a great one to pop on before guests arrive.


Passionate, energetic and bold, Scorpios are a force of nature! Sometimes you do need to balance out your wild side, though. Cultivate some activities that calm and soothe you, and pick an aromatherapy blend to match.

Perfect for you: Incorporate Bosisto’s Balance Blend into your meditation, yoga or self-care routine. With its blend of White Cypress, Nerolina, Lemon, Sweet Orange, Patchouli, Cinnamon Leaf, May Chang, it’s especially good for women!


Globetrotting, fun-loving Sagittarius relishes any reminder of past or upcoming adventures, making blends which evoke faraway places the perfect ticket. You can also tend to overdo it a bit, so a sleep blend is wise to keep on hand!

Perfect for you: Bosisto’s Outback or Rainforest blend in Coles Air Care range. Bosisto’s Australian Natives Sleep Mist for your pillow.


All work and no play can sometimes be a Capricorn’s downfall. You’re determined, practical and ambitious but sometimes just realllly need to de-stress. Finding the perfect stress blend for you will be a game-changer for your wellbeing.

Perfect for you: Bosisto’s Australian Natives Stress Blend is a calming blend of Waratah Flower, Lemon Ironbark, Lavender, Lime, Mandarin, Petitgrain and Siberian Fir. Burn it in the office, and bring the roll-on version with you on the go.


Not one to follow a crowd, Aquarians are more likely than most to embrace an unusual fragrance blend. As an Aquarian you have big ideas and also can benefit from a ‘grounding’ blend that can help you make those ideas a reality.

Perfect for you: While you’re busy changing the world, burn Bosisto’s Australian Natives Focus blend, with Lemon Myrtle, Peppermint Eucalyptus, Orange, Lemongrass and Siberian Fir.


If every day could be a holiday Pisces would be the first on the plane, Mojito in hand. Gentle Pisces are drawn to anything to do with water, so blends which evoke a beachy vibe or that remind you of fresh, crisp scent of the sea are perfect. Actually any scent that conjures ‘escapism’ is your cup of

Perfect for you: Bosisto’s Destinations blends, especially Bondi, Noosa and Daintree. Also try Tropical Bliss in the Sweet Life range.