Dishwashing Liquid has arrived at Bosisto’s

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Dishwashing liquid has been one of Bosisto’s most asked-for products, and we are excited to announce to Australia it’s finally here.

Now you can have sparkling dishes and a clean conscience with Bosisto’s Dish Wash.  Bosisto’s Dish Wash is a fresh, plant-based formula with pure eucalyptus oil harvested from our farm in Inglewood, Victoria.

It comes in two beautifully aromatic varieties – Eucalyptus & Lime, with Lime essential oil, and Orange & Eucalyptus, with Orange essence. Gentle on hands, these incredible, fresh fragrances will make doing dishes feel like an absolute treat for your senses.

Dishwashing liquid doesn’t just need to smell nice. You also want it to cut through grease and really clean your dishes, and Bosisto’s Dish Wash delivers.
It’s our best dishwashing liquid that’s tough on grease while being gentle on your hands. It also kills germs on your sponge in 10 minutes: a bonus
for a healthier kitchen.

It’s Earth friendly, too. The biodegradable formulas are palm oil free, vegan friendly and not tested on animals. They’re also suitable for grey water & septic systems.

Australia, Bosisto’s Dish Wash is about to become your new obsession! It’s our best dishwashing liquid on greasy items (which is eucalyptus oil’s specialty) but it equally leaves all your dishes sparkling.

We proudly harvest our own eucalyptus oil on our 10,000 hectare farm in Inglewood, Victoria. It’s fresh from our farm to you, so you can feel good about supporting Aussie growers.

Here’s a summary of all the reasons you’ll love Bosisto’s Dish Wash:

  • Plant-based & biodegradable
  • With eucalyptus oil from Inglewood, Victoria Australia
  • Kills germs on sponge
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Tough on grease, gentle on hands
  • Suitable for grey water/septic systems
  • Palm oil free, vegan & cruelty free
  • Australian made & owned.

Choose a dishwashing liquid that’s a breath of fresh air – one that not only leaves your dishes clean, but leaves you feeling good about the choices you’ve made for the Earth and your family. Find it at our online store now.