DIY Lavender & Coconut Body Scrub

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This gorgeous exfoliating scrub uses magnesium-rich Epsom salts, nourishing coconut oil and skin-loving lavender to help reveal softer skin.

Lavender oil is often found in DIY skin care for many good reasons… first and most importantly, it’s beautifully aromatic.  It’s also one of the gentler essential oils, which can be applied neat to adult skin.
Lavender has a long history of traditional use for calming, soothing and deodorising.  In fact, the word Lavender originates from comes from the Latin lavare (“to wash”) — the Romans used the fragrant oil in their baths. From the Middle Ages and Renaissance right up to modern times, lavender has been used in perfumes, toilette  waters, potpourris, and skin care.

Finally, when we’re pampering ourselves it’s usually relaxation-time!  Lavender is the king of calm, helping to naturally soothe for rest and relaxation.  This is a great scrub to do at night before bed, lathering with a moisturising lotion afterwards.

Bosisto’s Lavender & Coconut Body Scrub

You’ll need:
½ cup coconut oil
¼ cup Epsom salts, Himalayan Rock salt or Table salt (depending on whether you prefer a fine or grainy scrub).
½ - 1 capful of Bosisto’s Lavender Oil

Add coconut oil, Epsom salt and lavender essential oil to a small bowl and mix with a spoon until well combined.

Store in a wide-necked jar or container with a tight-fitting lid until ready to use. 

To use:  Scrub all over your body, avoiding face and eyes.  Concentrate on any dry areas like elbows and knees.  Rinse your body well with warm water and towel dry. 

Note:  If you use this in the shower, make sure you clean the base of the shower to ensure it’s oil-free so the next person doesn’t get a slippery surprise.

Planning to self-tan or spray tan?  An exfoliating scrub like this is a must-have, because tanning lotions may develop unevenly where there are thick, rough patches of skin.  Removing any dead, flaky surface skin will also help extend the life of your tan as it delays skin turnover and resulting loss of colour. 


Use only as directed, avoid contact with face and eyes. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Keep out of reach of children. Discard any leftover body scrub after use.

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