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The Best CHOICE in Multipurpose Cleaners? It’s Bosisto’s (again!)

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We’re thrilled to be celebrating our second consecutive year of CHOICE Recommendation as our Multipurpose Cleaner again came out on top of the 2023 Multipurpose Cleaner survey.

Bosisto’s received a CHOICE Expert rating of 95% and beat 46 other products to come in equal first place, confirming what our Bosisto’s family have always known – it’s the best!

CHOICE is known for its rigorous product testing and unbiased reviews, and its recommendations are highly sought after by Australian families.

Being recognised two years in a row by one of Australia’s most trusted consumer advocacy organisations is truly an honour.

We’re particularly excited to witness our plant-based formula not only competing with, but outperforming so many well-known traditional Multipurpose Cleaners in independent testing.

Why is Bosisto’s Multipurpose the best CHOICE?

  • Natural eucalyptus oil 
    Our powerful formula is made with pure, antibacterial Eucalyptus Oil from our farm in Inglewood, Victoria. This is our secret ingredient and why it works SO well!

  • Kills germs 
    Feel good knowing this formula kills 99.9% common household germs including E.Coli & Salmonella.

  • Food Prep safe 
    Although it’s tough on grime, the formula is gentle enough to use where you prepare food and doesn’t leave any harmful residue.

  • Free from harsh additives 
    Biodegradable, eco friendly and vegan, it’s free from artificial fragrances with no added bleach, ammonia, sulphates or phosphates. It’s gentle on skin and it’s safe for your grey water systems, too.

  • Australian Made & Owned 
    Support local!

  • CHOICE Recommended (2022 & 2023) 
    Of course, we always knew it was good… but now it’s proven, two years running.
So next time you reach for your Bosisto’s Multipurpose Cleaner, know that you’re making a CHOICE that benefits your home, your family and the environment.

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