10 Household items with surprising expiry dates

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Most of us know when to throw out leftovers or milk, but what about hairbrushes, chopping boards, or disposable razors?

Some of these might surprise you!


  1. Your toothbrush...

    Every 3 months
    Most people are actually surprised at this one being so long.   But the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) and most dental associations say replacing your toothbrush every 3 months is sufficient, unless it's got obvious signs of wear like splayed bristles.

  2. Hand Sanitiser

    2-3 years
    Since the COVID 19 pandemic most households have found themselves with a lot more hand sanitiser... well, on our hands.  But did you know after a few years it starts to lose its potency and germ-killing efficiency?  The same goes for household disinfectants, too.  So if you can't remember when you bought it - out it goes.

  3. Pillows

    Every 1-2 years
    Here's why it's important not to ignore those stamps printed on your pillow.  Pillows absorb body oils, dead skin cells and hair, which can make them the perfect breeding ground for dust mites (eww).  To keep your pillow fresh and deter mites in the meantime, try spraying with Bosisto's Eucalyptus Dust Mite Spray.

  4. Mattress

    Every 7-8 years
    Like pillows, mattresses cope with quite a lot of close bodily contact and easily harbour bacteria and mites.  Creeping up on a decade, many mattresses will also have lost tension in the springs possibly contributing to issues with back health and sleep.  Give your mattress a bit of love each week by spraying with Bosisto's Eucalyptus Spray before changing the sheets - it kills 99.9% germs & leaves it smelling fresh.

  5. Slippers

    Every 6 months

    It's coming up to winter and those cold mornings mean bringing out last year's Ugg boots right?  Mmmm, you might want to think again.  While actual uggs may last a few seasons if you've got synthetic slippers they can be a little germ factory, especially because we normally wear them without socks.  Give them a good wash with a couple of capfuls of Bosisto's Tea Tree Solution in the machine or just treat yourself to a snuggly new pair.  

  6. Towels

    Replace yearly
    Okay hands up who has towels they've had since their children were babies?  Yep, that will be most households.  While it's obviously not going to kill you, you may be surprised to know that bacteria in towels can build up over time, especially if they're often in a steamy, humid bathroom (or left in a pile on the floor - looking at you, teens).
    Since many of us wash in water that's not hot enough to kill bacteria it's a good idea to think about replacing towels every year, or when they start to lose absorbency.  

    Extra tip:  Left a load of towels in the machine and they smell a bit musty? Re-wash with a couple of capfuls of Bosisto's Tea Tree Solution - fresh as new.

  7. Sponges/Cloths

    You probably suspected this one, but given all the food spills they touch, and being constantly damp, it's no wonder studies say the humble kitchen cloth is the most germ-ridden item in the home.
    We love this idea for remembering to swap out your dish cloths.  When you unpack your groceries each week, change your dish cloth (unless it's manky earlier!)  You can also throw these in the dishwasher during the week and let the hot cycle kill bugs.

  8. Chopping boards

    If your wooden chopping board has deep cuts, that's the one you need to look out for.  The grooves can harbour bacteria, including e.Coli and Salmonella which cause those nasty vomiting episodes nobody wants!

  9. Disposable razors

    Every 5 uses
    This one was really surprising!  If you use disposable razors, you should be replacing them every few uses.  Not only can they gather bacteria, they can also cause skin irritations and rashes if not swapped regularly.  If you're using one razor for large areas in one shave (legs, underarms etc) you may need a fresh one even more frequently.


Always read the label and follow the directions for use.