Best-ever Spring cleaning tips with Eucalyptus oil

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Spring is in the air - and with many of us still stuck at home quite a bit, there’s never been a better time to give your home a good deep-clean.

Your perfect spring cleaning partner?  Eucalyptus oil.   A natural cleaner, freshener, germ-killer and degreasing agent, eucalyptus is your low tox go-to for a healthier home.

How to use it

There are many ways you can use eucalyptus oil.    You can make your own DIY cleaning spray:

Add to a spray bottle and shake (discard contents after two days).

You can also use a product like Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Solution, which you just add to water (or use neat); no need to mix with other ingredients.   You can get Eucalyptus Spray, which is incredibly handy for killing germs (something we all need to do more of these days!).   Or you can use ready-made eucalyptus based Multipurpose & Bathroom Cleaners like these.

Where to use it

The question really is where can’t you use it… but here’s a few tasks it’s really, really good at.

1. Greasy bits

That greasy film on your rangehoods, on the top of the fridge, and on top of your ceiling fans (those bits you ignore most of the year…. now’s the time!).  Wherever you find anything greasy, gluey, sticky or gummy, eucalyptus oil is brilliant.

We recommend using a bucket of warm water and a few capfuls of Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Solution for cleaning grimy, greasy areas anywhere in the house.  It’s great for large surfaces like walls, the outside of cabinets, and inside pantries and drawers.

Fridges can get pretty sticky too.  For a sparkling clean, try Bosisto’s Multipurpose Spray.  It’s food prep safe and will leave your fridge fresh and hygienic.

2. Killing germs

We're all a lot more careful about germs these days.   Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Spray is a natural antibacterial that helps kill germs common household germs.   Eucalyptus Spray is terrific for your door handles, office surfaces, remotes or anywhere hands regularly touch.   You can even spray your packages that arrive on the doorstep for a bit of extra confidence!

3. In the laundry 

Washing day is always that much fresher with eucalyptus oil.  Add 2-3 capfuls of the 100% pure oil or Eucalyptus Solution to the wash to freshen towels, linen and work gear.

Or, try Bosisto's Sensitive Laundry range or Power Plus Laundry Liquid for a ready-made way to incorporate the cleaning and freshening power of eucalyptus in your laundry.

4. Bins (and Wheelie bins)

In addition to its germ-killing abilities, eucalyptus oil is a terrific odour buster.

Keeping a can of Eucalyptus Spray near your kitchen bin is brilliant, but what about your wheelie bin?  If you haven’t given it a clean in a very long time, Spring is perfect.

Here’s how.

  •  Quarter fill the bin with water from a hose and add few capfuls of eucalyptus oil, or Eucalyptus Solution (we prefer the Solution for this task)
  • 2  Scrub all surfaces with an old broom or brush and rinse well – a pressure hose really comes in handy for this purpose!             
  •  Drain and dry.

5. Floors

    Grime busting and odour busting – two ingredients for the perfect floor cleaner.

    You can use eucalyptus in several ways on your floor.  Pure oil (2-3 capfuls) in a bucket of hot water is just fine, as the agitation of the water with the mop will mix it.  Eucalyptus Solution is brilliant for this purpose, remaining water soluble in your bucket throughout the mop.  Or if you’re looking for a ready-made option, Bosisto’s Floor Cleaner brings the freshness of antibacterial eucalyptus oil into your home with no fuss.

    6. Mattresses

    Mattresses soak up sweat and other bodily fluids, so they need to be aired and cleaned regularly to keep dust mites and odours at bay.  Give yours a really good once-over this spring for a better (and more hygienic) sleep.

    First, let’s deal with stains.  If you catch a spill while it’s still wet, cover the area with baby powder and place a few towels on top.  Leave for as long as possible then sponge the area with a damp cloth soaked in white vinegar.  

    If spots and stains are dried, spot clean by using an upholstery shampoo or simply warm soapy water (a few drops of eucalyptus oil is a lovely addition).  Wipe the area with a damp - NOT soaking wet - sponge and allow the area to dry thoroughly.  If it's warm outside dry the mattress outside in the sun. 

    For regular maintenance, every time you change the sheets get into the habit of using Bosisto's Eucalyptus Spray to kill germs and freshen.


    Always read the label and follow the directions for use.