5 Diffuser Oils that smell like Summer

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Scent evokes memories – here’s how a carefully chosen diffuser oil can transport you back to your happy place, anytime.

With the year now in full swing, holiday season is becoming a distant memory for many of us. But before you pack away your carefree vibes along with your sarongs and suitcases, we’ve got a simple pick-me-up for you to try.

We all know aromas can invoke memories: from the Jasmine that grew in your Nan’s garden to the body spray you wore as a teenager. Scent allows us to travel back in time and press the play button on feelings and emotions.

So here’s our solution to your boring day in the rat race: pick a diffuser oil that smells like holidays or summer, pop a few drops in your diffuser and watch your mood lift faster than you can say “Mojito!”

Here are some of our favourite ‘Summery’ diffuser oil blends.

Bosisto’s Sweet Life Tropical Bliss

If your idea of paradise is relaxing on a beach slathered in coconut-scented SPF, a cool drink with a twist of lime in your hand, this diffuser oil is for you. This exotic blend combines zesty lime and smooth coconut for an aroma that will immediately transport you resort-side.

Bosisto’s Sweet Life Passion Punch

If your style is more fruity, this is the diffuser oil for you. Imagine a plate of ripe, luscious mango slices and sweet passionfruit and imagine deeply inhaling that refreshing, juicy scent – that’s the blissful experience awaiting your senses when you pop this in your diffuser.

Bosisto’s Sea Breeze Diffuser Oil

Perhaps your vibe is more windswept, coastal town - a lazy walk on the beach punctuated by seagulls squawking, the smell of salty, clean air and the feel of cool wind on your cheeks. Then you’ll love this 100% natural origin blend, with Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood & Sweet Orange pure essential oils. You can pop this one in your trolley at Coles – it’s in the Air freshener aisle.

Bosisto’s Destinations Bondi

If you have an actual favourite holiday destination, check out our Destinations diffuser oil range – from Daintree to the Kimberleys, we may just have an oil especially inspired by it!

For a summery scent you can’t go past Bondi, though. An uplifting blend including Sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang and Cedarwood, this is one of our personal favourite diffuser oils.

Bosisto’s Destinations Noosa

If your daydreams are taking you further North, it’s time to try our sunny Noosa diffuser oil.

With a fresh lemony aroma thanks to Native Lemon Scented Tea Tree, this energising oil will put a pep in your step if you feel zapped or drained (which let’s face it, is most of us when not on holiday!)

From cocktail-inspired sweetness to aromas reminiscent of far-flung destinations, with diffuser oils you can relive those Summer days, any day.