5 Multipurpose Spray cleaning hacks you’ll love

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What would we do without Multipurpose Cleaner?   It’s the one product Australian families reach for the most…. down to earth and super practical, it just gets the job done with the least amount of fuss.

But what you probably didn’t know was exactly how versatile your all purpose cleaning spray can be. Here’s our best tips for getting the most out of the hardest working cleaner in your tool kit: safe to say, you’ll be amazed!

  1. Oven cleaning

Guess what?  You don’t need to bust out the industrial strength gloves and gas mask every time you want to clean your oven.  For a reasonably clean oven just needing a maintenance wipe over, a ‘Food prep safe’ multipurpose cleaner which leaves no harsh residue is fine. 

While it may not be as effective on build up as a special oven cleaning product (and if you’ve left it months, you may need one of those), a quick weekly wipe over for minor spills is a job Bosisto’s Multipurpose Spray can handle.   Another great tip is to wipe over your oven door with the spray and a paper towel each day while your oven is still lukewarm.  Always rinse and air out afterwards.

2. Stainless steel sparkle

No need for specialty products… Bosisto’s Multipurpose is great at cleaning stainless steel, and especially getting rid of greasy marks, streaks and fingerprints. Wipe over dishwashers, fridge doors, stainless steel appliances and rangehoods and use a paper towel to remove for a clean and shiny finish.

  1. Clean your fridge

You do need to be careful when choosing an all purpose cleaner for the kitchen.  Many people don’t know this, but some formulas sold in Australia aren’t actually suitable for food prep areas because they leave a film of residue that needs to be rinsed afterwards.

This is particularly important for a job like fridge cleaning where fresh produce can be in direct contact with the surface.  However, a cleaner like Bosisto’s Multipurpose can be used with no rinsing – its earth friendly formula is plant based and leaves no harsh residue.  That eucalyptus oil it contains also comes in handy for sticky spills in the fridge, too!

  1. Floor prewash

Mopping your floor?  Pre-treat any sticky spots or stains with a quick squirt of your Multipurpose Cleaner first.  While you get your mop and bucket ready, the Multipurpose is already working its way through those stains so that your mopping will be even more effective.  Game changer!


  1. Ceiling fans

Here in Australia we love our ceiling fans – but you probably don’t love the sticky, gunky dust that collects on them during winter.  An all purpose spray like Bosisto’s Multipurpose Cleaner which contains eucalyptus oil is perfect for this job.  Eucalyptus oil is a natural sticky solvent, and so spraying your Multipurpose on first and letting it sit for 5-10 minutes, will make wiping all that dust off super easy.

This method also works well for venetian blinds in the kitchen, where grease and dust can combine and be really difficult to remove.  If you have a particularly bad case of sticky dust, make a paste with cream of tartar and water to scrub it off – then finish off with Bosisto’s Multipurpose Cleaner.



 Always read the label and follow the directions for use.