6 Clever Ways to Wow your Guests

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Natural cleaning, essential oils and a few finishing touches will make your home the envy of all your friends. Here’s how.

Just like our fashion sense, our homes reflect who we are – so naturally when we have people over, we want to show its best side! Here are a few clever ways to impress your guests that will really make an impact.

1. Clear counters

If there’s one thing that really makes a difference to how clean your home looks, it’s clean counters! Clutter makes your home look disorganised and dirty even if it isn’t.

Start by clearing literally everything off your kitchen & living room surfaces. Then give them a good clean with Bosisto’s Multipurpose Spray (with no harmful chemicals, it’s perfect for food prep areas).

Now, consider what you really need to put back. Do all those appliances need to be there, or can some go in a cupboard? Keeping things clutter free requires clever storage: consider hooks for utensils, a floating shelf or overhead cabinet, a basket for keys, a magnet clip for bills, or a drawer insert for spices.

2. Naturally clean floors

Floors are another one of those really noticeable surfaces, and there’s nothing worse than standing with your guest in the kitchen and realising just how grubby your tiles are!

Our secret weapon for floors? Our Bosisto’s Floor Cleaner. It helps naturally clean and deodorise, leaving a fresh scent everyone will comment on.

3. Don’t forget about the bathrooms!

After your kitchen and living areas, where are guests most likely to go? The bathroom & toilet of course!

Apart from the obvious, cleaning! – and our go-to is absolutely our Bosisto’s Bathroom Cleaner here – there’s more you can do to elevate this area of your home.

For starters, don’t settle for just any old hand soap. Treat your guests to a bit of luxury with some gorgeous Bosisto’s Hand Wash infused with Australian Native ingredients and natural essential oils. It’s been used in bathroom makeovers on The Block, and is a favourite in luxury B&B’s for a reason.

Another game-changer for your bathroom is adding a diffuser. Pick one that suits your bathroom’s style – there’s lots to choose from, here – and pop a beautiful diffuser oil in before your guests come over. It’ll make going to the bathroom a sensory experience and keep things sweet smelling in there too… much more chic than outdated air fresheners.

4. Amazing smelling towels

Speaking of bathrooms…. whether your guests are staying over or they’re just washing their hands, scented towels just add that extra something. Adding essential oils to your rinse cycle when you do your towels is a great way to get this effect without harsh chemicals.

We love our Bosisto’s Lavender Solution or Calming Solution for this. Just add 2-3 capfuls when you do a load of towels or linen.

5. Chop chop! It’s the little things

Now we’ve dealt with the big areas, let’s zoom in. You may have heard of the pillow chopping trend (which is quite literally just chopping your hand down on your throw pillows to make a dent in the middle!). But what it represents are those tiny little details that give your home flair.

How can you represent your personality in your décor? Perhaps it’s plants, or fresh Australian native flowers for a clean, natural vibe. Or some quirky, colourful ornaments, a funny welcome mat, a painting you love or a piece of op shop furniture you’ve recycled.

Anybody can have a house, it’s your personality that makes it a home.

6. That ‘sweet’ finishing touch

If you haven’t discovered this already, we think it’ll become your new favourite thing. After a big cleaning spree, there’s nothing better than adding that last finishing touch: aromatherapy.

Popping your diffuser on with a favourite blend wafting through your newly clean space is the ultimate post-cleaning spree high.  It's also a great pre-gathering ritual to set the tone you're going for.

Lately, we’re loving our Sweet Life range – perhaps Tropical Bliss for cocktail hour, or Caramel Latte for your afternoon coffee catchup. Relax & enjoy… you earned it!