DIY travel linen spray

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There are many things which could be classed as a miracle while on holidays – finding a clean toilet precisely when you need one, your bags being first up on the carousel; a taxi driver who doesn’t go the long way. Arriving with an entire suitcase of perfectly crease-free clothes? That’s another one for the wish list.

Even if you fancy yourself some sort of packing ninja, no matter how carefully you roll or fold, inevitably some items arrive a little worse for wear.

Well relax and put down that expensive travel iron, because we’ve got a remedy that can restore them quick-smart. Just use this simple, cheap and portable travel spray on whatever you want to wear, then you can throw on your thongs and get back to the pool knowing you’re all set for a crease-free cocktail hour.

Bosisto’s Miracle Travel Spray
You’ll need:
A small plastic spray bottle
Liquid fabric softener – ideally a non-scented, ‘eco’ brand
Bosisto’s Lavender Oil

Directions: Fill the spray bottle about ¾ full with water, then top up the last ¼ with fabric softener. Add around 10 drops of Bosisto’s Lavender Oil, screw on the spray cap and gently shake to combine ingredients. Hang up the wrinkled piece of clothing with a coat hanger if possible, then spray the mixture across the entire garment, quite generously. Leave it to hang and air-dry. When it dries most of the wrinkles should be gone and it will be left smelling fresh and clean.

•You may want to make up a couple of bottles if you have lots of items which usually need ironing, or you’re going away for several weeks, as the spray is meant to be used quite generously.

•You should have no problems taking the sprays through customs, but it’s best to put it in your check-in baggage rather than your carry-on, because there are restrictions for liquids in hand luggage.

•To prevent any spillage or drips, secure each spray in a zip lock plastic bag, tied with a rubber band or two.

•For stubborn areas, like collars, pockets and cuffs of shirts, you can use a hair straightener on a low heat setting if you don’t have access to an iron.