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Our Growers: Meet Wild Wood Oils (White Cypress Oil)

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From fallen ashes rises the beautiful liquid gold that is White Cypress Oil. At Bosisto’s, we’re proud of the incredible Australian Native ingredients we hand pick for our products. 

Behind each ingredient lies a hardworking, Aussie family whose heart and soul has gone into crafting it. Let us tell you a little about Dianne & Andrew, and peek into their sustainable farm: Wild Wood Oils in Flinders Ranges, South Australia.

Hard Yacca: how it all began. 

The journey began in 1988 with Dianne & Andrew’s first venture –
a sheep, cattle and deer farm on Kangaroo Island.  Little did they know what lay ahead!  The 90’s bought challenges such as the collapse of the wool floor price scheme, so they had to think harder about how to build an income.

They started investigating the use of yacca gum, and became first Harvesters, processors, and exporters of yacca gum in South Australia.  Dianne jokes: “It was literally ‘Hard Yacca’!!”

The couple’s son Tarkyn has helped from when he was a little fella (and at age 21, is still working with the business today).

Seeing the wood for the trees!

Dianne & Andrew began sourcing other unique Australian timbers which could produce oils – including White Cypress (Callitris glaucophylla), Buddah Wood (Eremophila mitchelli) and others. 

In the early days they harvested the timber themselves as labour costs were too high.  Eventually they had to leave Kangaroo Island for the mainland, where freight was cheaper and timber was easier to access.

Wild Wood Oils have been producing in the Barossa Valley now  since 2010 and Dianne says she’s proud of how far they’ve come: “Andrew and I knew nothing about distilling oil (or powdering yacca!) and had to teach ourselves about the whole process to become bulk distillers of these unique oils.  Our amazing journey has taken us around the world to exhibitions to showcase our oils to a worldwide audience.”

From branch to bottle

Dianne wishes to stress that no live trees are harmed in the making of White Cypress Oil - they only harvest dead trees, which are abundant on their property. (see right)

First they cut down the dead tree and dock the smaller branches with a chainsaw, so they use only the large trunk.

Once the logs are cut and loaded on the truck, it’s back to the distillery where they’re put through a chipper and then into our large distillation vats.

Steam is pumped through the vat to extract the oil, which is then decanted.  It’s a totally natural process using only water!

Liquid Gold!

Dianne raves about her favourite part of the process: “The part we enjoy the most is the actual decanting of the oil!  The clarity and the richness of the colours as the oils pour into the containers, is something that we never tire of looking at.  I think of it as liquid gold - because we know what has gone into producing it.”

White Cypress: Uses in aromatherapy

White Cypress Oil is incredibly soothing and has grounding, relaxing and centering properties.  It has an earthy, woody smell, often compared to a forest floor.  You can find White Cypress in Bosisto’s Balance Aromatherapy diffuser oils, rolls ons and aroma mists. It’s also found in our Australian Natives Destinations blends including Noosa, Barossa, Bondi and Grampians.

Hopes for the Future
Dianne said this is only the beginning for Wild Wood Oils and there was still much to learn about the fascinating properties of native wood oils.  “By understanding more we can add new oils to our range, which we hope are put into natural products to help reduce the use of chemicals in our world.”

Hard Work & Passion

“We are very excited our White Cypress Wood oil being incorporated into products made by Bosisto’s,” Dianne says.   “We love that Bosisto’s is an Australian family business with family values similar to ours.  You’ve had a similar journey with your eucalyptus oil as we have had with our oils – hard work, humble beginnings and passion and dedication leading to success.”