Tea Tree Essential Oil Foot Soak

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Tea Tree Essential Oil is a versatile must-have for your essential oil tool kit.  Not only is it handy around the home for cleaning and freshening, it has terrific first aid properties too.

But one of its most popular uses is for feet – particularly, in a foot bath.

Why Tea Tree Essential Oil?

With a natural ability to kill germs and bacteria, Tea Tree Oil has often been dubbed ‘Nature’s Antiseptic’.

When sweaty feet are trapped in shoes all day – especially if you’re frequently at the gym or in sports – they can become a breeding ground for germs.  Foot odour is often caused when bacteria on your feet, shoes, and socks mixes with your sweat.  That’s why the properties of Tea Tree Essential Oil can be a wonderful addition to a foot soak to help keep feet clean and deodorised.

As a bonus, the fresh crisp scent of Tea Tree is a fabulous way enliven and awaken the senses after a long day.

Try this easy DIY next time you want to give your feet a treat!


You’ll need:
¼ cup Epsom Salts
1 tablespoon Bosisto’s Sweet Almond Nourishing Body Oil
1 capful Bosisto’s Tea Tree Oil
8-10 cups warm water
Foot basin


Add oils and salt together in a mixing bowl and blend together. Add the blend to a foot bath basin. Pour warm water that is to your comfort level into a foot basin and stir to disperse. Soak feet for 15 minutes or until water becomes cool.

To help keep shoes fresh, spray with Bosisto’s Tea Tree Spray or use a cotton ball with a 3-4 drops of Bosisto’s Tea Tree Essential Oil inside shoes in between uses.

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.