What's Your Aromatherapy Personality?

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Aromatherapy is like a good friend: it can instantly change your mood & surroundings.

But if you’re dipping into essential oil blends for the first time – or buying for a loved one – it can be daunting to know where to start.

Your individual personality may hold the key. So which aromatherapy blend is perfect for you?

Free Spirit

Whatever your daily grind, in your heart of hearts you’re exploring the world; barefoot and free.

Energetic and entrepreneurial, you don’t follow the crowd. You love new experiences, unusual scents and have adventurous tastes in food.

Your Aroma-Match:
Choose aromatherapy that appeals to your adventurous side!

You’ll love the Bosisto’s Destinations range, which evokes iconic Australian destinations. Stroll through the grapevines of Barossa, feel the surf on your toes at Bondi, inhale the crisp air of Cradle Mountain or get lost in the lush Daintree, all without leaving your couch.

Little Miss Organised

House proud and put-together, you’re #thatgirl with a morning and evening routine.

You enjoy planning, organising and making everything around you a bit more beautiful.

Your Aroma-Match:
A traditional aromatherapy diffuser is perfect for you. You’ll make time to set it up and use it, probably in one of your selfcare routines all your friends envy!

A diffuser with beautiful aesthetics like Bosisto’s Serenity or Tranquility Diffuser is perfect.

And then there’s STORAGE *heart eyes*. It’s impossible to overestimate how much you enjoy a clever storage solution, and aromatherapy is no exception. Look into a Bamboo Storage box or Resin oil display for your essential oil collection.

Chill Pill

Happy, uncomplicated and carefree, you’re the life of the party who likes to make everyone around you feel relaxed.

Living by the motto ‘if it aint broke, don’t fix it’, you don’t own self-improvement
books and think navel gazing’s a waste of time. But you’ll admit you could occasionally benefit from some motivation.

Your Aroma-Match:
Mists! Aromatherapy mists are the fuss-free version of oil blends – just spritz and go. Try Bosisto’s Stress Blend or Energy Blend for an instant mood boost.

Being practical, you’ll also appreciate aromatherapy in the form of products you can use around the home every day: think essential oil-infused laundry, cleaning or hand & body wash.

Fabulously Flat Out

A chock-a-block schedule with work, kids or study? No time to scratch yourself? Creative and chaotic, you crave balance but you’re always at the bottom of your own to-do list.

What you need is a way to press the pause button which takes little to no effort to shoehorn into your routine.

Your Aroma-Match:
Roll-on aromatherapy is your match made in heaven.

Throw a roll-on like Bosisto’s Balance blend in your handbag or keep a Stress roll-on in your desk drawer at work. The act of rolling it on pulse points and taking a deep breath to inhale is a simple way to destress.

You also desperately need a wind-down routine – check out a product like Bosisto’s Australian Natives Sleep Mist for your pillow.

Tree Hugger

Long story short: you want to make the planet a better place.

You go the extra mile to be a conscious consumer, try to make choices that reduce your environmental footprint and will always pick a natural alternative if possible.

Your Aroma-Match:
Natural home air care. Bosisto’s Air Care range swaps artificial deodorisers for a diffuser and 100% natural origin blends, a switch you’ll happily adopt.

You really can’t go wrong with traditional essential oils either: you love a DIY, so stock up on pure Eucalyptus, Tea Tree or Lavender oils* to put in your homemade cleaning and body products.

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*Eucalyptus & Tea Tree are antiseptic. Always read the label and follow the directions for use.