What's your Cleaning Personality?

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Are you a natural cleaning fanatic? A hoarder? A rage cleaner?

Understanding your personal cleaning style can help you maximise your results, once you know by the right tricks and tools to get the most out of your efforts.

So, step into our office and lie down on the couch (it’s clean we promise).

The Natural Cleaning Freak
Nature is king in your world. You may have allergies in your family or are just keen to reduce harmful chemicals in your home. Ingredients that are as close to nature as possible is ideal, but you’re also busy, so you want your low tox with a side of convenience. Oh – and you love to support local.

Hot tip: Look for brands that have good ethos and quality natural cleaning ingredients. Believe it or not, there are great options right in your local supermarket. Bosisto’s is an Australian brand which uses pure Eucalyptus Oil grown in Victoria in its products – choose from Multipurpose Cleaner, Bathroom, Floor or Glass cleaner.

DIY style
When not browsing your local farmer’s market you can be found mixing up DIY cleaning concoctions in your kitchen. Natural cleaning is important to you, but so is Budget, and you love making products that cost very little but clean really well. You also have a creative streak, and many Gen X are also into this trend (#cleantok!).

Hot tip: Essential oils are used in many DIY’s but can become expensive depending on which brand you use. You can find the main essential oils used in many recipes – eucalyptus oil, lavender oil and tea tree oil – at your local supermarket in a larger, 100% pure format which will save you money buying boutique or online brands.

Tidy not clean
You’re a master stacker, picker upper and putter away-er and can’t stand clutter: but don’t look too closely at the bathroom or floors because actual cleaning isn’t really your thing.

Hot tip: If you’ve left a bathroom for a bit too long, you’re going to need a strong product to cut through all that soap scum. Spray on Bosisto’s Bathroom Cleaner and leave it for at least one minute (but you can do another task and come back) and it will help lift weeks-old grime. Another tip is to buy nice-looking cleaning products and leave them out: you’re more likely to use them.

Sunday Super Sesh
Too busy to touch anything during the week, you save up all your cleaning energy for a big burst on the weekend, and in that time do the whole house top to bottom and catch up on laundry, too.

Hot tip: Doing loads and loads of laundry at once? Use laundry products that smell incredible, without adding lots of chemicals. Bosisto’s Sensitive Laundry Liquid fits the bill, with a fresh natural eucalyptus oil scent. And if you’re leaving clothes a week, treating stains as you go is a must – spray a bit of Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Spray on grubby shirt collars is our favourite hack right now.

Clean as you go bro
“Do it now, not later” is your mantra and rather than saving up for a big clean once a week, your habit is to do a little bit each day – and catch small messes before they become big ones. You soak stains, spot vacuum your carpet, clean toothpaste off the sink before it hardens and never go to bed with a sink full of dishes. Basically, you’re the cleaning type we all aspire to!

Hot tip: You’re practically perfect! But don’t forget a deep clean every couple of months to get all those spots that get missed during daily superficial cleaning. Areas like rangehoods, ceiling fans and window tracks can get really dusty and greasy – we love Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Solution in warm water for this. And treat yourself to a professional cleaner to give yourself a break now and then!