Which Aromatherapy Diffuser should I buy?

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All of Australia has fallen in love with aromatherapy diffusers, and it’s easy to see why.  Essential oils can have a powerful effect on our mood and mindset: adding a few drops to a diffuser is an easy way to enjoy their benefits while getting on with your busy day.

Oil diffusers are also an effective, and more natural way to add your personal fragrance signature to a space.  Some diffusers are so pretty they’re also a décor item all on their own!

But with so many different types of diffusers, how do you choose?

A guide to different types of aromatherapy diffusers

There are four basic types of oil diffusers.

  • Ultrasonic Diffusers

    This is the most common type sold in Australia. This type of diffuser, like Bosisto’s Ultrasonic Diffuser, uses an electronic frequency to create vibrations which disperse the oils in an ultra-fine mist.  Because no heat is used, the integrity of the essential oils is maintained.  This is a good, all-rounder choice and comes in many different styles & options
    (see below).  
  • Nebulising (Waterless) Diffusers

    Like Ultrasonic diffusers, nebulising diffusers like Bosisto’s Simply Oil Waterless Diffuser use no heat – but they have the added convenience of needing no water, either. They work a bit like a perfume bottle to disperse essential oils, breaking up the atoms by force and expelling them in a fine, concentrated mist.  Of all the types of diffuser, these produce the strongest scent.

  • Heat Diffusers
    Heated diffusers include ‘plug into the wall’ types and the traditional tea candle, below a reservoir holding oil in water. They’re less popular both because of safety concerns around open flames, and because heat may change the molecular structure of the essential oils.

  • Evaporative Diffusers
    These use air flow to disperse essential oils into a space. Probably the most common type we see here in Australia are reed diffusers, which rely on natural air flow around the room to spread the aroma.

Other features to consider
Once you’ve decided which way you’d like to disperse your essential oils, now comes the fun part – features and looks!  Here are some of the common ones to consider.

  • Compact size

    Diffusers generally aren’t huge, but some are tinier than others!
    For small spaces and portability, a  compact size might be just what you need.  Some of our favourites include the Bosisto’s Compact Onyx and the Bosisto’s Simply Oil Diffuser.

  • Operating hours

    Run time is another thing you’ll need to consider, especially if you intend to use your diffuser for sleep. Size matters – compact diffusers tend to have a shorter run time (a few hours, compared to 7-9 hours for larger ones), so take this into consideration.
    Bosisto’s Tranquility Diffuser has a particularly long run time of up to 17 hours, so may be a good choice for the bedroom.
    Others which have a good run time of 8-9 hours include Bosisto’s Serenity, Harmony and Ultrasonic Diffusers.

  • LED Light options
    Lots of rotating light options important to you?  Some diffusers have none, others have a whole rainbow!  Bosisto’s Ultrasonic Diffuser has 17 LED light options which can rotate or remain static – a colour to suit any mood or décor.

  • Textured finishes

    What suits the look of your space? Important question!  Diffusers are fast becoming the finishing touch in home styling. Fortunately there are some beautiful designs and textured finishes to choose from – from wood grain, to white metallic, to modern black and fabric finishes.

  • Portability
    Cordless diffusers can be handy if you intend to move them frequently from room to room. Bosisto’s Simply Oil Diffuser can be charged at a USB port and will run for hours without a power outlet once fully charged.