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Posted on 13 Feb 2019

If you're on a mission to improve your fitness you've probably got your runners, tunes and cool water bottle sorted.  But here's something you may not have considered as part of your 'fit kit': essential oils.

There are some wonderful essential oils that can help you increase energy, manage stress, treat little workout injuries, even keep your gear in top shape.  Jump into these!

1. Citrus

Motivation can escape even the most driven of us from time to time - but as always, nature has a remedy for that.   All citrus oils - from orange or grapefruit, to lemon, lime or bergamot - work on your brain chemistry to boost mood and give you an instant 'lift'.  They've been said to boost physical energy levels as well as awaken the brain.

Posted on 16 Jul 2018

Why do it the long way around when there's clever shortcuts?  And best of all, they don't involve chemicals?  Here's our favourite fast-and-clever cleaning tips...

1. Freshen the dishwasher with a lemon

Forget fancy cleaning tablets - running your dishwasher on a hot cycle without dishes in it does 90% of the cleaning all by itself.   To help cut grease and make it smell even fresher, skewer a half a lemon inside.   For an extra anti-fungal, antibacterial boost sprinkle in a few drops of tea tree oil, too.   And don't forget to frequently clean your filters.

2. And use the other half a lemon to...

Polish your stainless steel taps and sink drains - best of all, it leaves them citrus-scented!

Posted on 19 Jun 2018

With so many people using it every day, your pantry can get very cluttered very quickly.  Yet it's one area of the house which, if set up properly, will make your heart sing every time you open its doors.  

If you've been too intimidated to try, don't worry - it doesn't need to be Pinterest Perfect.

Just a few simple but clever ideas can turn your pantry from the cupboard of chaos to an oasis of organisation.

1. Chuck & scrub

There's no point even starting while your food items include Curry powder from 1997 and Honey & Soy marinade from before your first child was born.

Posted on 17 May 2018

Are you an all-or-nothing type?  A bits and pieces cleaner? Maybe a hate cleaner?   Understanding your cleaning personality can help you discover ways to do it better and faster.   Which one do you identify with most?

Posted on 17 Apr 2018

Mould.... urgh.  There's nothing like that first discovery of it, whether it's slowly become visible over time on the bathroom ceiling or seemingly cropped up overnight behind the curtains.   Or worse, discovering it's been in places you can't see, like wall cavities.

Mould is a big problem.  Not only does it look disgusting, it can also be very bad for your health - emitting millions of tiny, invisible spores into the air.  Mould spores have been known to trigger asthma and complicate or worsen respiratory illnesses, particularly in children, the elderly and those with existing conditions.  For the rest of us, it can cause extremely unpleasant bouts of sneezing, chronic runny nose and congestion.

Posted on 20 Mar 2018

You know the drill, you've done this a million times, right?  But wait before you pick up the cleaning spray.  There's a good chance you're doing some things all wrong - in fact, according to experts, most of us are!

Mistake 1: Using hot water on stains

There's practically no circumstance (except one) in which warm or hot water is good for stain removal.   Warm water reacts chemically with most stains, making it bind further with fabric, carpet or upholstery fibres.   This creates a stain that's impossible to remove.   Always use cold water on stains for a better result.

Posted on 19 Mar 2018

We know that lots of essential oils can be really useful in the great outdoors.  But if you're going camping and packing light and can only take one - make it the Camper's Little Helper, Tea Tree Oil.

A natural antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiviral and insecticide, it has a multitude of uses for all kinds of situations you'll encounter outside.    Try it for these.

1. First aid

Tea Tree Oil is known as the 'medicine kit in a bottle' for good reason. It soothes cuts and scrapes, including any nasty blisters from hiking or other outdoor activity helping kill germs and prevent infection.   Tea Tree Oil can be applied neat to the site of minor wounds, or diluted in water to clean larger scrapes.

Posted on 21 Dec 2017

Let's face it, in the average busy week most of us only get "surface" cleaning done.  But every now and then, a room needs a good, throrough deep clean - that's especially true of the bathroom.  If you're home a lot more at the moment, it's a good chance to give the most used room of the house a healthy, germ-free makeover.

1. Shower

  Here's how to clean this area:

Posted on 20 Dec 2017

Feeling a little bloated after a festive season free-for-all?  Here are some clever hacks to keep you looking good regardless!

1. Saline spray

A combination of a lowered immune system after a big night out, and mingling with lots of people in a crowded place can make summer sniffles a real possibility.  A simple, non-medicated saline spray like this can help gently flush away mucous, smoke and airborne bacteria and help keep your nasal passages - and you - healthy.

If you do get struck down with a post-party flu, bed rest, fluids and warm steam inhalations are a sure-fire feel better remedy.

Posted on 20 Dec 2017

 Managing stress is a huge part of capturing that elusive "wellbeing" we're all after.  But it's easier said than done, particularly as the family issues, money worries and hectic schedules take their toll.

That's why now's the perfect time to start embracing a few of these zen habits.  Make them a part of your daily routine and you'll be in better shape to handle all life throws at you.

1. Drink green tea

If you can't completely kick the coffee habit, try replacing just one cup a day with green tea instead.  Green tea contains theanine, an amino acid that promotes relaxation.  Caffiene can worsen stress response, but on the other hand, Green tea as a substitute could  help you keep your cool when the going gets tough.