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Posted on 15 Jul 2019

Did you know Bosisto’s products all begin here, at our very own farm? 

The fresh, crisp scent of eucalyptus which makes our laundry and cleaning products so unique, comes from Bosisto’s eucalyptus plantations in Inglewood Victoria.

Affectionately named ‘Glenalbyn’, the farm has been owned by the same Australian family - the Abbotts - for two generations.    Here, we harvest the leaves of thousands of Blue Mallee eucalypts each year, and plant thousands more in a process that’s renewable and sustainable.  In fact, we now have almost 10,000 acres of eucalypts - the oldest of which have been harvested for more than 100 years.

We’re proud that what goes into Bosisto’s Sensitive Laundry Powder and Liquid and Bosisto’s Cleaners is 100% local eucalyptus oil.

Posted on 09 Mar 2017

We know you're on a mission to rid your home of harmful chemicals.  And - we're here to help.

Proudly introducing Bosisto's NEW range of ready-to-use cleaning products... Bosisto's Floor Cleaner, Bosisto's Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Bosisto's Bathroom Cleaner.   All free from harmful chemicals, and with the antibacterial power of real Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil.

Now, you can have both a clean home and a clear consience, because Bosisto's formulas are naturally strong on grease and grime: no weak 'naturals' here.   We're busting the mold - and the mould! - with formulas that really make your home sparkle, while adding nothing harmful for your family.

Posted on 08 Mar 2017

Here at Bosisto's, we think eucalypts are amazing.   And on National Eucalypt Day - 23 March - Australians everywhere will have a chance to honour them, too.

There is nothing more iconic, and no smell more evocative of "home" than that fresh, crisp scent of the Australian bush.  But here are some things you may not know about Australia's most famous native tree, and our deep connection with them here at Bosisto's.

1. Eucalypts are truly unique.

There's no other tree species in the world, for example, that can produce timber, paper, essential oil and even honey! 

Posted on 17 Aug 2016

Did you know....

  • Before European settlement, Eucalyptus oil had long been valued by indigenous Australians who used the leaves for various medicinal purposes.  But it wasn't until Yorkshire pharmacist Joseph Bosisto immigrated in 1848 and became obsessed with the powers of this native plant that eucalyptus oil as a medicinal product became a reality.
  • Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil was Australia's very first native export.
  • Popular Bosisto’s products of the 1800's included asthma cigarettes (with or without tobacco) and Syrup of Red Gum for ‘bowel complaints’.  A very popular use, especially for influenza, was 2-3 drops of eucalyptus oil on a spoonful of sugar, dissolved slowly in the mouth.
Posted on 14 Apr 2016

After 164 years in essential oils, we like keeping things fresh at Bosisto’s.  That’s why we’ve introduced a brand new oil to our core range – Peppermint!  Known as “nature’s oldest medicine” the extract of the peppermint leaf, or Mentha Piperata is very popular with essential oils fans - and now it’s available from your favourite brand.

Bosisto’s doesn’t have hundreds of varieties of oils, and that’s because what we do, we like to do well.  So just like our famous ‘Parrot brand’ Eucalyptus, our Tea Tree and our pure Lavender oils, our Peppermint is the best quality money can buy.  So let’s find out what you can do with it…

Posted on 16 Jul 2015

Originally posted November 2014

Danielle Wales is known as one half of “Power Couple” Dan and Dani from Channel 9’s hit home renovation show The Block, and is set to hit our screens again as the host of Network Ten’s new show Healthy Homes (Dec).  

Posted on 20 May 2015

Last week we introduced you to Cathy Armstrong, who told us how her online budgeting website and tips newsletter, The Cheapskates Club, began and shared some great ideas for DIY cleaning products that won’t break the bank.  If you missed it, the first blog post is here.

This week we’re bringing you “part 2” in our Cheapskate series where Cathy shares even more great budgeting ideas – helping you to save money while not missing out on the lifestyle and little luxuries your family enjoys.  

Q. So Cathy, what are some of your most popular money-saving tips for around the home?

Posted on 25 Nov 2014
Ever wondered about the role our general health and nutrition plays when it comes to allergies and hayfever?  How effective are natural methods to alleviate the symptoms? What’s new in the world of naturopathy that might help us beat the wheezes and sneezes this spring?
Posted on 25 Nov 2014
The nose is a wonderful apparatus, but often taken for granted…. until it’s blocked, sneezy or swollen that is.
If you’ve experienced the discomfort of sinusitis or allergic rhinitis (hayfever) – like 1 in 5 Australians - you’ll be amongst those who truly appreciate the freedom of an unblocked nose.
Posted on 25 Nov 2014
Welcome to the first of our 2-part Cheapskate series - ingenious hints and tips to help you win the 'Battle of the Bills' and save money around your home.
This week in honour of the start of Spring we’re focusing on spring cleaning. We spoke to Cath Armstrong, founder of Australia’s most popular budget-tips website, The Cheapskates Club.  We asked her how the club began, her favourite uses for essential oils and her top ways to save money in the cleaning aisle.