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Mum's 'keep warm" secrets - cheapskate style!

Freezing?  We hear you (especially if you're in Melbourne this week!)  But wait, don't touch that climate control.. did you know just a one degree hike in temperature can have a significant impact on your power bill?

Instead, try these tips from The Cheapskate Club's Cathy Armstrong - she, like many others grew up without indoor heating and said her Mum's tips always kept them warm.  We would also suggest a hot water bottle or a wheat bag (heated in the microwave),  is great for warming the tootsies in bed on a cold night.

Mum's Simple & Effective "Keep Warm Tips"

1. Dress appropriately. It is winter after all so long pants, singlets or spencers, long-sleeved shirts, a jumper, socks and slippers indoors. Climate controlled living has spoilt us - forget it and dress to suit the weather.

2. Keep windows closed. I have the kitchen window open about 5cm and one window in our bedroom open just a crack. We have "window sausages" along the tracks of any windows that open.

3. Door sausages are on each external door. If you don't have any they're about $2 each from the Reject Shop, but even a rolled up towel against the bottom of the door will keep the draught out.

4. Blankets, quilts and throws on the chairs and over the lounge, ready to snuggle in.

5. As soon as the temperature starts to drop, around 5pm, the blinds are closed and the drapes drawn through the house to help keep the warm air in.

6. Doors to rooms we're not using, including the bathroom, are kept closed.

7. Lots of hot soup. Soup is cheap to make, filling and very warming. We have soup just about every day.

8. Hot Chocolate Drink Mix is always on the bench, next to the kettle, ready for anyone to warm up with a mug.
9. The washing is dried next to the heater over a clotheshorse. This not only saves using the dryer but the humidity is creates in the air makes it feel warmer.

PS. If anyone in the family has a cold or flu, don't forget he warmth and effectiveness of a soothing vapour chest rub.  You can mix a DIY version using Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil (1/2 teaspoon) to 1 tablespoon of Olive oil and rub on chest, back and neck before bed, or try an Australian made rub such as Euky Bearub (currently 25% off in our July online sale).  Rub onto back, chest and neck as needed.