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9 things in your house that need a home

“Clutter” tends to feel like it’s a million things at once, but actually there are a few main culprits.  These are things which don’t tend to have allocated spots.  Guess what?  That’s easily fixed with these clever storage and organisation solutions.

1.     Car keys

Swimming around somewhere in your handbag, grabbed off benchtops by toddlers or just lost in the general kitchen clutter, keys are never there when you need them.

Solution:  Nail a creative wall hook right next to your front door.  There are heaps of inventive, trendy or functional ideas on pinterest: find one to your taste and DIY!  Or if you’re not handy like that, google online stores or check out your local hardware supplier.   Larger hooks are great for school bags, too.

2.    Remote controls

There’s the Foxtel remote, the DVD remote, the sound system remote and that other one no-one can remember what it’s for.  For sanity's sake get a remote boat or even just a wicker basket, and never feel remote rage again. (Another nice idea is a statement box, like a vintage cigar box… this will completely hide them, and make a nice decorative touch at the same time.   Just make sure all the remotes fit in there).

3.    Miscellaneous toys

Big colourful tubs are your friend.  Get several and put them in the areas the kids commonly play.  They’re easy to throw those random puzzle pieces, bits of games, blocks and stuffed toys in.  This is a no-stress solution to that endless trail of mess kids leave in their wake, and throwing things in tubs is something even the youngest toddler can help with.  Items can be sorted through properly later, like at the weekend.

4.    Junk mail and newspapers

Get into the habit of immediately flicking through junk mail and dumping catalogues no-one wants to read straight in the recycling.  If you’re a family who likes reading catalogues, treat them like your newspapers and put them both in a “to read” basket – a short, flat wicker basket you can stack on the floor in the dining or kitchen area.  That way bits of paper, magazines and weekend supplements aren’t littering the benches and tables.

5.    Worn or unused clothes

Place a “donate” bin in your hall closet, laundry or garage (whichever works best for you) and toss in any items you’re ready to part with.   Throw in any of those large charity plastic bags you get in the mailbox too. When the bin is full, pop the items in the bag and donate it to the local charity.

6.    Belts, scarves and handbags

Pick up a package of shower hooks from your local home improvement store.  Then, hook them onto a clothing rail in your wardrobe and start hanging belts, scarves and handbags on them.  Genius!

7.    Bathroom toiletries

Grab some small baskets, jars or containers from the local $2 shop. Place cosmetics and toiletries in them rather than having them randomly thrown around the counter or in a jumble in the cupboard below.

8.    Office supplies

Get a few mason jars and colour code the lids by spray painting the tops.  Keep your supplies in separate containers on the corner of your desk, or in a cabinet.

9.    Gift wrap

If you have a hall or utility closet, use the inside of the door for storage.  Hook a hanging organiser to the doorframe.  Place tape, gift wrap, bows and curling ribbon and string in the slots.