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How to fake a clean house

Ding dong!  Guests are here!  You can’t always plan ahead for company – and there isn’t always enough time to clean up before the doorbell rings – but that doesn’t mean you can’t give the illusion of a clean home.

Here’s how to clean your house on the fly…

If you have 20 seconds

They’re already at the door.   Put dirty dishes in the dishwasher or stack them in the sink, and wipe up any crumbs or food spills from the bench.  Spray Eucalyptus or Lavender Spray around.  If you have time, sweep clutter off the kitchen bench into drawers. 

If you have 5 minutes

Do your kitchen bench tidy as above.  Do a quick sweep of the floors in the main areas, and wipe down counters.  Hide as much clutter as you can in the time available. Replace any couch cushions that have fallen on the floor. 

If you have 20 minutes

Do a kitchen tidy, quick sweep and vacuum just the entrance rug or carpeted walkway through the centre of the home (a stick vacuum is great for this).  Now, grab some disinfecting wipes or some Bosisto's Eucalyptus Solution  and quickly wipe down the surfaces in the main bathroom; the one guests will be using.   Make sure there’s a fresh hand towel.   Clean the main toilet.  Spray your eucalyptus or lavender spray around.  Done!

If you have an hour

Be your own house guest.  Walk outside your front door, then walk inside your home.  What’s the first thing you notice?  A pile of shoes in the entranceway?  Dirty dishes in the sink?  Take care of the first things you see because it’s also what your guests will see when they first enter your home. 

Quick-clean your kitchen, floors, bathroom and toilet as above.  Move to the lounge and plump up couch cushions (tip: strategically placed cushions and throw rugs are great for hiding stains).  Pop on a slightly damp rubber glove and rid your sofa of any pet hair by running the glove over it. Stack books, catalogs and magazines in neat piles on the floor (or even better, in a deep decorative basket).

Shut doors to the bedrooms and children’s play areas.  To disguise windows in need to washing, pull curtains closed.

A bit more time?  

Finished all of above?  Here’s a few more tips:

  • De-clutter the refrigerator by taking down notes, drawings, and magnets and throwing them in a plastic bag (sort it out later)
  • Hang a clean tea towel (or two matching ones) over the oven handle to hide a not-so-clean oven
  • Roll a few hand towels in neat spirals and stack them pyramid-style in the main bathroom…. Looks impressive for very little effort.
  • Grab some fresh flowers from the garden and make a quick table centrepiece
  • Remove wet towels from the bathroom and throw in the washing machine.  Replace with a matching set.  Spray Bosisto’s Lavender Spray in the bathroom and guest rooms.