3 simple essential oil sleep rituals to try tonight

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Essential oils can help you sleep better tonight – and it’s easy.

Sleep-deprived? Tossing and turning, replaying conversations in your mind until the wee hours?

We’ve got two words for you: Bedtime routine!

A predictable series of sensory events like baths or music helps babies wind down to sleep – so why not grownups? We’re all hyper stimulated by work, relationships and social media: a recipe for bedtime disaster. A routine creates a space to transition to a more restful mood before lights out.

The problem is, many of us think it’s got to be complicated. Not so! Just spending a few minutes on one or two things you do every night (preferably around the same time) is all it takes to reap rewards. Here’s a few of our favourites – pick and choose what works for you.

1. Wash the day away

Research suggests a warm bath or shower an hour or two before bedtime can help you unwind and fall asleep faster. How? Apart from simply relaxing for the muscles, it lowers your core temperature, which is a circadian sleep signal. And the good news is, if you’re not a bath person, a shower can work just as well.

Essential oils are a great way to supercharge your bedtime bath or shower ritual. Lavender and Chamomile are known for their calming properties – and you can find them both in Bosisto’s Calming Solution. Add this to your bath, or on a face washer at the base of your shower and feel your worries melt away.

2. Set the scene

Want a set-and-forget option? A diffuser and a Sleep essential oil blend can be a real game changer. Pop your diffuser on while you relax, read or do your skin care routine at night, to enjoy the full benefits of the relaxing aroma before bed.

Not just any diffuser will do for a bedtime routine. If you’re planning on leaving it going all night it’s important to choose a diffuser with a long running time, such as Bosisto’s Simply Oil Waterless Diffuser, or Bosisto’s Tranquility Diffuser. You could also consider one with an LED light option which can be set to red (the best light frequency to support sleep) such as Bosisto’s Ultrasonic Diffuser.

Now, time to choose your oils. For a beautiful bedtime blend you can’t go past Bosisto’s Australian Natives Sleep blend – a stunning combination of native botanicals and essential oils such as Banksia Flower, Nerolina, Lavender and Chamomile.

3. Sleepy Spritz

No time for either of those options? We’ve got you. This simple tip is for you: Aroma Mists.

Spritzing an essential oil mist - like Bosisto’s Sleep Aroma Mist – on your pillow and around your bedroom before sleep is an express option literally anybody can fit in to their night time routine.

Sleep hygiene

All of these routines are most effective combined with good sleep hygiene… that includes removing phones and electronics from the bedroom, getting some exercise, and sleeping in a cool, dark & quiet room. (Again, these are all things we do for our little ones but can forget ourselves!)

Deep sleep is vital to help our bodies restore and replenish, for our cells to regenerate and our mind to be fresh the next day. With a few of these aromatherapy hacks in your bedtime routine, you could be sleeping like a baby in no time!


lways read the label and follow the directions for use.