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Bosisto's - No ordinary eucalyptus oil


You’ll find many different brands on your pharmacy or supermarket shelves, but the old saying “Oils ain’t Oils” is especially true when it comes to eucalyptus oil.


Some oils are strong, potent and therapeutic-grade and others are weak imitations.  So how do you tell the difference?  Are you wasting money on an inferior product that won’t do what you expect? Here’s the nitty gritty about eucalyptus oils and how to tell.

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It’s all about chemistry

Eucalyptus oils are complex. They’re produced from the leaves of many species of eucalypt trees, and there can be up to 100 different chemical compounds in a single oil.  In the case of eucalyptus oils variety is the spice of life. A variety of carefully-chosen species (thus more compounds) helps add to the oil’s depth, quality and versatility.

Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil contains several high quality pharmaceutical grade oils – a blend that’s been perfected for over 160 years. These oils contain a wide range of organic compounds that work synergistically to deliver a multitude of uses that less complex blends cannot match.

Other eucalyptus oils tend to contain oil from just one species of eucalypt, which, after processing, has fewer compounds and a narrower range of bioactivity.

An example is antibacterial activity.  Bacteria are smart.  They’ll adapt to beat a single threat.  However the compounds in Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil have a broad spectrum of antibacterial activity which makes it difficult for bacteria to build resistance.


Passing the fragrance test

Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil has a clean and balanced, stronger, longer-lasting fragrance than other eucalyptus oils.  You can easily test this.  Dab some Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil on the back of your hand, and a different brand on the other hand. Leave for 10 minutes and then see which has the stronger residual fragrance. The other will usually evaporate quickly and leave little fragrance.

The first and still the best

No other eucalyptus oil has the proven track record Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil does.  It was Australia’s first eucalyptus oil, produced in 1852 by Joseph Bosisto, widely known as the founder of Australia’s eucalyptus industry. 160-plus years has taught the company a thing or two about eucalyptus oils and their uses.

Over the years we’ve discovered so many uses we filled a whole book – “Eucalyptus Oil, Australia’s Natural Wonder”, a world-first record of Australia’s historic eucalyptus industry and the uses of this versatile oil - now in its second edition and third reprint.

With over 150 pages of uses, every use in the book is tested only on Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil. Others have copied our uses but have never produced evidence to support claims that their product is effective.


Pride & passion

We use Australian-grown Blue Mallee Eucalyptus in all Bosisto’s products, grown at our plantations in Inglewood, Victoria.

In addition Bosisto’s is the only eucalyptus brand investing in growing the Australian eucalyptus industry, purchasing thousands of hectares of land and planting over 2 million new trees in the past three years.

So you can be assured that for every bottle of Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil you buy, you’re furthering the cause of more local jobs for future generations.

At Bosisto’s, eucalyptus oil is our passion – and obsession. This quote, from a publication 80 years ago about Bosisto’s, still rings true today:

“We believe we are still the only firm in the world devoting whole time attention and research to this rich gift of nature.  In our own laboratories, oils are tested graded, blended and refined. The chemistry of the Eucalypt provides a subject for endless research.  Its therapeutic possibilities and industrial uses, together with its cultivation are whole-time occupations with us.”

Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil is unique and different to any other brand. Beware of imitations!