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Learning About Laundry

No fillers or false promises. Just fantastic results

Here at FGB we are exceptionally proud of our Bosisto's Brand Laundry Range. Earth friendly and family friendly, these products are 100% biodegradable and based on natural ingredients. They contain minimal phosphates and sodium, no harsh chemicals, bleach, abrasives or sodium laurel sulphate. Bosisto’s laundry powder is 100% soluble – meaning no fillers or particles are left to clog fabrics and irritate the skin. Bosisto's laundry range has recently been dermatologically tested and proven kind to sensitive skin, making it perfect for families trying to avoid irritants.

Based on 160 years expertise in essential oils, Bosisto’s Laundry Range contains grime-busting and aromatic powers of pure "Parrot brand" Eucalyptus Oil - not just artificial fragrance - to give excellent cleaning results and a fresh aroma throughout the whole wash.




If you watched the link to the ‘A Current Affair’ story above you would realise that the use of fillers is rife in the laundry industry. This of course begs the question...

What are fillers?

Fillers are non-cleaning substances that bulk out a product and make it look like you’re getting more. Despite recent regulations deeming all laundry powders become ‘concentrates’, fillers are still used by some companies in place of more expensive active ingredients.

The problem with fillers (apart from you paying money for nothing) is that they don’t dissolve completely, leaving little particles trapped in the fibres of clothes, where they can irritate the skin.

So… how do you know if your laundry powder has fillers? 

Try the beaker test.  Stir ½ a teaspoon of your current laundry powder into a clear glass of water.  Allow it to stand and observe if there’s any residue.  It should dissolve completely.  If not… your answer is crystal clear.

Bosisto's Vs Big Brands

Bosisto's Vs Eco Brands

But, does it work?
Of course the most important thing you'll want to know is that the products do their job, cleaning your clothes - and they do. Exceptionally well.  Eucalyptus oil is a natural solvent and emulsifier, easily breaking down grease stains, dirt and oil without the need for harsh chemical additives.  And we put genuine Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil in our products: not synthetic fragrances, the real deal.  Our pre-wash stain remover is more than a match for the toughest stains the playground, sports field or workplace can throw at you, while our powder and liquid will leave your clothes naturally clean and smelling fresh (without fading bright colours as some concentrates can). Bosisto's wool wash will keep your woolens and delicates in top condition and the dust mite wash helps naturally reduce allergens all year round. So do your family a favour and make the switch today. You won't regret it.



Become a laundry guru!
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