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Top 20 ways to use essential oils on-the-go

<--break->Think essential oils should stay in the medicine cabinet? Think again!  From germ-laden waiting rooms to scraped knees at the footy our busy lives create ample opportunities to use the wonderful, natural properties of essential oils.– especially when they’re in a convenient spray format.  Try these tips next time you’re out and about…

Bosisto's Eucalyptus Spray
A natural deodoriser, germ killer, solvent and disinfectant, Bosisto's Eucalyptus Spray is truly a natural wonder – inside and outside the home.
1. Spray it in public toilets before using – it not only gets rid of nasty odours (making it more pleasant to use!) it kills 99.99% of germs.
2. Spray on food court seats, table surfaces and high chairs before children use them… they are not cleaned very well, or very frequently during the lunch rush. 
3. Don’t forget those shopping trolley handles – a renowned magnet for germs.
4. Regularly spray your handbag…. studies show women’s handbags carry more germs than toilet seats, especially if they’re made of leather.
5. You can clean AND kill germs at your office workstation in a flash with Bosisto's Eucalyptus Spray.  Disconnect the keyboard, spray and wipe keys clean with a soft dry cloth. 
6. Telephone handsets get really grimy too – eucalyptus spray is a natural solvent so helps whisk off grime, dirt and makeup residue from your phone in a flash.
Euc Spray phone
7. At the doctor’s surgery?  Spray those magazines first before you touch them!
8. New research shows that airplane seats, tray tables and arm rests can harbour nasty germs that linger for more than 7 days... so a discreet spray before you sit down or eat might be wise.

9. Feeling a bit underwhelmed by your musty hotel room?  Travel with a little can of eucalyptus and take the fragrance of home with you everywhere you go.  (Tip: it’s a great instant freshener for hotel mattresses and gets rid of smoky odours in a flash)

10. If you’re out of whack with the local time zones, eucalyptus spray in the shower is a great way to help your body get on track.
Spray Shower
Note: Bosisto’s 30g and 100g sprays meet the aerosol criteria for in-flight hand luggage and are fine to take on most local and international flights to and from Australia. If you have over 100g of aerosols, they should be put in your check-in baggage.  For more information visit: http://travelsecure.infrastructure.gov.au/international/lags/
Bosisto's Tea Tree Spray
Dubbed “nature’s first aid”, Bosisto's Tea Tree Spray and the great outdoors are a match made in heaven! 
11. Going hiking, camping or playing outdoor sports?  Keep a can of Bosisto's Tea Tree handy – it's the perfect natural first aid fix to help prevent infection on the go.  It will deal with those emergency grazes and bug bites, cuts and scrapes, as well as treating blisters and tinea.  It's also great for freshening hiking boots, runners and camping equipment (including toilets).
12. Head lice season can be a parent’s nightmare.   Spray inside children’s caps at school drop off – it helps deter lice and if you make a habit of doing it in the car, it’s one less thing you have to remember at home.
13. Off to the gym? Bosisto's Tea Tree Spray is a powerful natural antifungal which can help prevent you catching tinea from communal wet areas (spray feet after showering and drying thoroughly).
14. Don’t forget those shared yoga mats and boxing gloves… sweaty equipment can quickly harbour smells, germs and bacteria.  Spray to freshen before you use them, and afterwards, as a courtesy to the next person.
15. Someone been travel sick in the car?  A can of Bosisto's Tea Tree or Eucalyptus Spray in your glove box is the best natural weapon against really tough odours – in fact many Australian cabbies have told us they use Bosisto’s.
Bosisto's Lavender Spray
With scientific evidence proving it helps calm, relax and ease mild anxiety, Bosisto's Lavender Spray can help bring zen to any situation.  Bosisto's contains 100% real Angustifolia Lavandula lavender oil, a species renowned for its aromatics and powerful therapeutic properties - don't buy inferior blends because they won't give the same effect.
16. Feel a tension headache coming on?  Whether you’re at your desk at work, on the train or in your car, whip out your lavender can, spray a little on your fingers then dab on temples.  The aroma will help ease your headache naturally… try it.
17. Standing in a queue at the bank getting more and more stressed?  A quick spray on your wrists or on a hanky to inhale will help bring the pressure down.
18. Big night out?  Freshen up your shoes, handbag and coat with Bosisto's Lavender Spray – especially if you’ve been in smoky environments.
Lav Spray shoes
19. Lavender is a natural insect repellent, perfect for outdoor gatherings and barbecues where there are small children (or for those who don’t like the smell of commercial bug repellents).  A first aid all-rounder, it’s a great antiseptic for insect bites, minor burns, cuts and scrapes too.
20. If your pets are anxious travellers or stressed at the vet’s, lavender may help to calm them – catteries and professional dog groomers use Bosisto's Lavender Spray for this very purpose.  You can use it or when they reach their destination to create a calm, soothing atmosphere.  Spray sparingly once or twice into the air, away from your pet.
Cute dog
30g Sprays
The Bosisto’s Sprays “Starter Pack” including handy 30g versions of our 100% pure eucalyptus, tea tree and lavender essential oil sprays is available from July 25th for a limited time (while stocks last), exclusive to Chemist Warehouse - or buy various sizes online today.